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TNN LGM Brake Pads

TNN LGM Brake Pads
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- The famous TNN LGM brake pads are acclaimed by many trials riders as the best pads in existence!
- Designed for harshly ground rims and wet weather but also performs very well in dry conditions with lighter grinds.
- Developed and tweaked with the help of a diverse range of riders (including Lewis Greenhalgh, Stan Shaw and Ali C) to provide awesome braking on all types of ground rims.
- Great sound (they're loud) with sharp bite and tremendous hold while still maintaining superb wear life.
- Hand-glued to TNN's trademark CNC backing, which is grit blasted inside the pad cavities, ultrasonic cleaned, glued under pressure and then hand sanded.
- CNC-machined aluminum backing provides extra braking force and lever feedback since it is much stiffer than standard plastic backings.
- Compatible with all hydraulic rim brake systems on the market including Magura, Echo, and Racing Line.
- 8mm of pad material provides plenty of wear life.
- Sold as a pair.

Please Note: Due to the super stiff characteristics of the metal backings, it is important to set up these pads so that they are completely square with the rim, otherwise they will wear unevenly, leading to decreased brake performance and pad life.

Part Numbers

TNN23812147S TNN23812147S