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Swix Bekke Tech Pant Women's
$125.00 - $130.00
- Ergonomic construction and 4-way stretch fabric gives you complete freedom of movement. - protected when it's cold as well as wet. - Also works great as a water-proof layer for hiking, cycling or snowshoeing. - Full-length zippers let you vent as needed - Pockets add a practical touch.
Swix Pro Scraper Sharpener
- The Swix Pro Plexi Scraper Sharpener is great for refreshing your wax scraper edges. - Attaches directly to your waxing bench for optimal stability and ease of use. - Comes with a replaceable file. - 3 or 4 passes through the sharpener refreshes your scraper for continued use.
Swix Fiberlene Cloth
$10.00 - $64.00
- When you really want to clean your skis and polish them up, the Swix Fiberlene cloth is what you need. - To be used between iron and base. - Protects the base from overheating colder waxes. - Absorbs dirt and excess wax, and leaves a thin and uniform wax layer. - Available in 20m roll in 140mm width, and 40m and 200m rolls in 285mm width.
Swix T160 Nylon Brush
$22.00 - $45.00
- Polish brush for all waxes. - Brush for 5 to 10 strokes.
Solda Powerjet Ski Waxes
$16.00 - $92.00
These convenient solids are great for rubbing onto your skis just before the start. You rub the solid onto your ski, cork in, then brush. It is quick and easy to use - and you don't have to worry about spills. This 5 gram size is good for waxing 5-8 pairs of skis. (We also have the 22 gram size, good for 30-50 pair of skis.) SOLDA PowerJet 1 (21 to 34F) PowerJet 1, formerly Solid Fluor, is a solid version of SOLDA Fluor 100. It is nearly 100% fluorocarbon. Very fast in warmer conditions in both old and new snow with high humidity. SOLDA PowerJet 2 (14 to 21F) PowerJet 2 is the colder companion to PowerJet 1. This solid fluoro shares many of the same performance characteristics of HP05. Easy to apply, it can be ironed or corked in. If the race morning temperature is very cold, but you expect it to warm up, we recommend corking in a layer of PowerJet 2 over a warmer wax to get you through those first few cold kilometers. SOLDA PowerJet 3 (-4 to 19F) PowerJet 3 (formerly known as Speed Cold) is a non-fluorocarbon synthetic compound which is faster than fluoros in cold, dry snow. A perfect last-minute solution when you get to a race site and realize that you have waxed too warm. SOLDA PowerJet 4 Carbon Speed Enhancer. Rub onto dry, base-prepped skis then cork and brush. Use as top layer or as an under layer for fluorocarbon. Can be used in combinations with SOLDA HPO5 or Fluor in spray or powder. PowerJet Carbon 4 has a wide range of use: 9 to 25 F (-13 to -4C), Humidity: 30% - 100%, making it an ideal option in almost all snow and humidity conditions. PowerJet 5 Very Warm. Solid Fluor for very warm, wet, spring snow conditions. Buy a 3-pack of 1, 3 and 4 and save a few bucks.
Solda UF7 Low Fluor Ski Wax
$28.00 - $180.00
- One of our favorites in the Solda wax line. - An economical, low fluoro wax with a very wide temperature and snow crystal range. - After a long day of skiing we often brush the bases and apply a layer of UF7 and set the skis aside until the next ski day. - Also works great as a base for many race day waxes. - No respectable wax box is considered complete without some Solda UF7. - Available in 60g, 180g, and 1000g blocks.
Solda World Cup Performance Ski Wax
$14.00 - $22.00
- Solda's famous Performance line of high quality low-fluor wax. - Ideal for training and as a base for Solda F-15 and F-31 waxes. - This is the wax we use for 90% of our training here in Bend, Oregon. - Available in 75g, 180g or 250g sizes. Yellow Snow temp: 27 to 33F (-3 to +1 C) / Air temp: 19 to 50F (-7 to +10C) Red Snow temp: 14 to 27F (-10 to -3C) / Air temp: 7 to 33F (-14 to +1C) Green Snow temp: 14 to -4 F (-10 to -20C) Air temp: 7 to -11F (-14 to -24C)
Toko Nordic Grip Wax
Nordic Gripwax from Toko. - Practical packaging: the wax can be twisted out like a deoderant stick. Green Base Wax 10ºC to -30ºC Used as a base for other grip wax layers and increases abrasion resistance. Yellow 0ºC to -2ºC Snow Temperature Can be used as a grip wax for damp snow falls as well as gritty, loose old snow. Is also used during the transition from dry to wet conditions just before using klister. Red -2ºC to -10ºC Very universal grip wax for new snow, old snow and artificial snow in the stated temperature range. Blue -7ºC to -30ºC Grip wax for cold, dry conditions as well as hard-pressed, compact snow. X-Cold -12ºC to -30ºC Grip wax for extremely cold conditions.
Swix Plexi Scraper
$7.00 - $8.00
- Great for wax removal from bases. - Handy cutout hole for hanging when not in use. - Available in 3mm or 4mm thicknesses.
Swix Racing Basket
- Compact racing basket from Swix. - Asymmetrical shape provides solid grip in the snow. - Recommended for skiing on groomed trails. - Fits 10mm poles. - Available in black or silver.
Toko Scraper
- Classic plexi scraper from Toko. - 5mm thickness.
Swix V Hard Kick Wax
Swix V-line Grip Wax. Here are some of the specs about the different kick waxes: V20 Green New fallen snow:-8°C to -15°C (18°F to 5°F). Transformed fine grained snow:-10°C to -18°C (12°F to 0°F). The well known cold snow wax, used for more than fifty years, has been modernized several times with new components. V30 Blue New fallen snow:-2°C to -10°C (28°F to 14°F). Transformed fine grained snow:-5°C to -15°C (23°F to 5°F). Another truly classic Swix wax. To be used on moderate cold snow when skiing is at its best. V40 Blue Extra New fallen snow:-1°C to -7°C (30°F to 19°F). Transformed fine grained snow:-3°C to -10°C (27°F to 12°F). When this stuff is on, even the most die-hard skaters have got to put on classic skis! It doesn't get any better. V45 Violet Special New fallen snow:0°C to -3°C (32°F to 27°F). Transformed fine grained snow:-2°C to -6°C (28°F to 21°F). Also a very frequently used wax, both in racing and touring. When Blue Extra becomes somewhat slippery, a thin layer of Violet Special probably is the right wax. V50 Violet New fallen snow:0°C (32°F). Transformed fine grained snow:-1°C to -3°C (30°F to 27°F). For many years a secret weapon in the wax-box of World Cup Servicemen. To be used when the snow is in a stage going from cold to wet, around freezing (32°F). V55 Red Special New fallen snow:+1°C to 0°C (34°F to 32°F). Transformed fine grained snow:0°C to -2°C (32°F to 28°F). For moist new snow up to +1°C (34°F) and down to -2°C (28°F) in older more transformed granular snow. V60 Red/Silver New fallen snow:+3°C to 0°C (38°F to 32°F). Transformed fine grained snow:+1°C to -1°C (34°F to 30°F). For wet snow up to +3°C (38°F) and down to -1°C (30°F) in older more transformed granular snow. Apply thicker the warmer it is to secure grip.
Swix HF-X High Fluor Wax
$75.00 - $78.00
Swix HF wax is a high fluor content racing wax. HF4 Green -12ºC to -32ºC (10ºF to -26ºF). A new cold wax with nano technology specially developed for dry friction conditions. The advantage of fluor in these temperatures is most present when the air humidity is high, meaning above 80%. Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC. HF5 Turquoise -8ºC to -14ºC (18ºF to 7ºF). New in the CH line, it fills a hardness gap between CH4 and CH6. Easier to apply than CH4, but provides outstanding glide properties within its temperature range, and has a great durability. The lower melting point compared to the 4 series makes it easier to work with, without sacrificing the good glide properties it has in cold conditions. Recommended iron temperature of 150ºC. HF6 Blue -5ºC to -10ºC (23ºF to 14ºF). It’s a very popular wax both in alpine and cross country and has shown good properties on artificial snow in addition to natural snow. Recommended iron temperature setting of 145ºC. HF7 Violet -2ºC to -8ºC (28ºF to 18ºF). A new and improved wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. Recommended iron temperature setting of 140ºC. HF8 Red +4ºC to -4ºC (39ºF to 25ºF). Its softness and high fluoro content makes it perfect in conditions on both sides of the freezing point. Recommended iron temperature setting of 130ºC. HF10 Yellow +10ºC to 0ºC (50ºF to 32ºF). For very wet conditions. Can be used as a race wax alone, but is often used as a base for Cera F, such as FC10X and HVC Warm (FC80L). Recommended iron temperature setting of 120ºC.
Swix Cork Handle
- Cork grip handle from Swix. - Cork-filled thermoplastic grip zone offers good insulation qualities and high durability. - Fits poles with 16 mm diameter. - Available in black. - Sold as a pair.
Swix Roadline C2 Classic Rollerskis
- One of the all-time best selling classic rollerskis from Swix. - The training choice of many elite skiers. - The wheels on this ski have been designed to provide the closest experience you can get to being on-snow. - Wide 50mm rubber wheels offer exceptional vibration absorption. - Rear wheel contains a ratcheting mechanism that only rolls forward, enabling the athlete to “kick” as in classic skiing on snow. - Wheel diameter: 67 mm, wheel width: 50 mm. - Ski length: 790 mm. We offer free installation of your bindings when you order them at the same time as your rollerskis. Just leave us a note in the comments when you order rollerskis and bindings.
Swix UniversalX Junior Pant
- Swix UniversalX pants are comfortable all around pants. - Great for skiing, hikes, or any outdoor activities year-round. - Elastic waistband with drawstring. - Stretch back panel on back for added comfort and fit. - Wind and water resistant.
Swix Quantum 6 Pole
- Entry level composite pole from Swix. - All poles in the Swix Quantum series poles feature newly redesigned carbon tubes based on leading composite technology. - Shaft is designed with a focus on performance and economy. - While the weight is not as low as for the other Quantum poles, the value and stiffness will satisfy many skiers. - PCU cork handle is light and ergonomic. - Pro Fit 3D strap ensures good power transfer and comfort. - Large Swix 97 basket covers all trail conditions. - Swix TBS basket system allows you to change baskets quickly and easily. - Diameters: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. Please Note: We can cut the poles and glue in the grips to your specified length or leave them uncut and unglued. A stick of glue is included with the poles. Please contact us if you are unsure on what length you need.
Solda HC28 Hydrocarbon Wax
$25.00 - $45.00
Solda HC28 is a Hydrocarbon-based skiwax with a Carbon additive; the perfect ski wax for renewing graphite ski bases. An optimum base for F31/F15. Iron it on. Clean the iron very carefully while still hot. Gives renewed shine and lubricates worn out ski bases. It is also a great start for dirty spring snow.
Swix Triac TBS Baskets
- The Swix Triac® Basket System (TBS) is a patented interchangeable basket system that allows the user to change basket in just a few seconds. - Makes it very easy for the user to adapt to various snow conditions. - To change baskets, simply unscrew the nut, switch basket, and tighten again. - Compatible with many Swix poles including Triac, Star TBS, Team TBS, Carbon TBS, and Quantum. - Available in different sizes and shapes for different conditions and use. - The XS Racing basket is super lightweight and well suited to hard surfaces. - The Carbon Leaf basket covers a wide range of snow surfaces. - The Large 97 basket gives good support on soft surfaces and can be used for racing, training, and touring.
Swix Quantum 2 Pole
- The Swix Quantum Two pole features excellent stiffness and very low swing weight. - All poles in the Swix Quantum series poles feature newly redesigned carbon tubes based on leading composite technology. - PCU cork handle is light and ergonomic. - Swix racing basket sheds unnecessary weight. - Swix TBS basket system allows you to change baskets quickly and easily. - Diameters: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. - Sold without strap so the fit can be customized to the skier for every pole. Please Note: We can cut the poles and glue in the grips to your specified length or leave them uncut and unglued. A stick of glue is included with the poles. Please contact us if you are unsure on what length you need.
Solda Linea Super Ski Wax
$30.00 - $50.00
- Solda Linea is an excellent hydrocarbon ski wax for conditions of low and mid air humidity. - Works well in all types of snow. - Also saturates bases well and can be used to prep the bases of new skis or as storage waxes. - Sold in 500g or 1000g (green only) blocks. Yellow Snow: -2 to 1C / Air: -2 to +5C Pink Snow: -8 to -1C / Air: -10 to +3C Green Snow: -20 to -8C / Air: -24 to -10C
START SG Glider Wax
$20.00 - $22.00
SG-gliders are non-fluorinated and efficient basic gliders. Used for racing as base gliders, when humidity is < 55%. The Start SG10 Green is the "Start Green" that made Start famous. Start Green should be in every skiers wax box for those super cold days. 90g Purple -1°...-7°C (30°...19°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp = 120°C (248°F) Blue -7°...-12°C (19°...10°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp = 130°C (266°F) Green -10°...-30°C (14°...-22°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp = 150°C (302°F)
Solda Stiff Nylon Roto Brush
$28.00 - $30.00
- Solda's stiff nylon roto brush works best with colder, harder waxes. - Stiff, synthetic nylon bristles. - Available in 100mm and 120mm sizes.
Swix T161 Nylon Brush
- Great all around brush from Swix. - Will not damage structures. - Available in small rectangular size.
Swix Standard Basket
- The standard basket for Swix 10mm poles. - A relatively small, asymmetrical shape offers solid grip in the snow. - Recommended for skiing on groomed trails. - Available in black only. - Sold as a pair.
Swix Ski Straps
- Ski Straps from Swix. - Lightweight and easy to use. - Foam divider keeps ski bases apart, preventing damage from rubbing. - Velcro closure. - Red/White with Swix logos. - Sold in pairs.
Solda HP04
$80.00 - $135.00
After 4 years the word is still that for the snow that is new, or slightly transformed in snow temps that are 32 to 18F (0 to -8C) in high humidity, this is the go to top coat. The Italian National Team swears that this is by far the fastest wax for the condition. Air humidity 50-100% ; air temp. 0C / -10°C snow temp. 0°C/- 8°C. 20g or 30g.
Solda HP05
$80.00 - $135.00
An extremely popular top coat because it out-performs everything else on colder transformed snow with high humidity (>50%) in temperatures that are changing. Also excellent on artificial snow. HP05 is consistently one of the fastest waxes at the Birkie, and is very often the top coat found on the winners skis. 100% fluorocarbon compound. Exceptional performances are generated by this stuff on cold snows and with mid air humidity. Snow temps 20 to 5F (-6 to -15C) For hot applications.
START MF Medium Fluor Glider Wax
- Start medium fluorinated gliders are suitable for all snow conditions, when humidity is less than 55%. - Also works as a base glider for high fluorinated glide waxes. - 60g container. MF6 Purple -2° to -7°C (28° to 19°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp 130°C (266°F) MF8 Blue -7° to -12°C (19° to 10°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp = 140°C (284°F) MF10 Green -10° to -30°C (14° to -22°F) 0%...55% Humidity Iron Temp = 140°C (284°F)
START Oslo Racing Kick Wax
- Oslo Racing kick waxes are used by many racers on the World Cup circuit for snow conditions common in Norway. - Kick waxes for coarse grained and aggressive snow. - 45g. Purple +2° to -3°C (36° to 27°F) Blue -2° to -8°C (28° to 18°F) Green -7° to -15°C (19° to 5°F)
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