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Bicycle Suspension Overhauls

Suspension Service Recommendations

Our staff spends a lot of time working directly with Fox and RockShox so that we are up to date on techniques and tricks that make will make your forks and shocks buttery smooth.

For best performance and to prolong the life of your suspension, both Fox and RockShox recommend routine fork service (which includes dropping the fork legs, changing the oil, and replacing seals) and rear shock service. We also offer fork damper service and air spring service when necessary.

RockShox recommends service every 50 hours of riding. Fox was similar in the past, but for 2015/2016 products and after, Fox has stretched their service intervals to every 125 hours of riding, or once a year, whichever comes first. So for most of us, this means servicing your suspension 1-2 times a year.

For previous Fox models, Fox recommends changing the oil in the lower legs every 30 hours, change the FLOAT fluid in the air chamber of FLOAT and TALAS every 100 hours, as well as servicing the FIT Damper every 100 hours. If you do change the oil often, you don't have to replace the seals every time. Instead, you can replace the seals every 2nd or 3rd time.

For older rear shocks, Fox recommends doing Air sleeve maintenance on Float shocks every 30 hours. Suspension fluid service (must be performed by FOX) is recommended every 100 hours.

RockShox recommends changing the oil in the lower legs every 50 hours of riding.

WebCyclery offers 1/2 off Suspension work in January. Work must be completed by Jan 31st to qualify. We're usually backed up a few days (or weeks) that time of year, so please plan accordingly (which means you shouldn't bring it in on Jan 30th, because odds are we won't be able to finish it within 24 hours).

Suspension Service Rates

Suspension Fork Overhaul Labor Rates

3110Fork - Drop Lowers (isolated bath)*$60
3111Fork - Drop Lowers (open bath)*$80
Labor rates do not include charges for parts, seals, oil, etc.

*Price assumes fork is on a bike. Save $20 if you bring in the fork only.

Rear Suspension Labor Rates

3117Shock Airsleeve Rebuild$40
3118Replace DU Bushing$10
3119Rear Shock Damper Service (RockShox Only)
3105Suspension Linkage Overhaul*$120
*Price varies depending on suspension design. We can service brands that we don't sell, such as Santa Cruz, Rocky Mountain, Trek Bicycles, Specialized, etc. But we can't always get the parts required as we are not an authorized dealer. We do not work on suspension designs that require proprietary tools, such as Cannndale Lefty Forks and Cannondale Headshocks. If you have a questions, please call us 541.318.6188

Additional Services

3112+FIT / Charger Damper Bleed$20
3113+Full Damper Service$40
3114+Standard Air Spring Service$25