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Our Staff

Meet the Team

At WebCyclery and WebSkis, we're incredibly fortunate to have a team of full time cycling and ski enthusiasts who come to work excited to help you, our customers, enjoy our shared passions - cycling and skiing. Our knowledgeable, friendly staff is what sets us apart from the shop down the road. Learn more about us, and come on in to meet us today!

Kevin Gorman

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Milwaukee, WI. My brothers and I grew up riding cheap bikes - Murrays, Kents, and Huffys - but dreamed of PK Rippers, Redlines, and Mongooses (yes, Mongooses, not Mongeese). I got my first decent bike, a Raleigh 10spd, from Wheel & Sprocket in Hales Corners when I was in the 8th grade.


  • Owner
  • Has the back of an 88 year old man
  • Tries to ride and ski as much as possible

Kevin - Owner of WebCyclery and WebSkis. He loves riding new trails and is slowly becoming a better bike handler. He has a coupled Moots that he can't wait to take to Europe again. He loves the big climbs, although he is definitely built better for going down them. His mountain bikes keep getting more and more travel, and he's actually riding them more too. Ask him about his Scott Genius 700, or his Co-Motion Klatch CS3 with Ultegra Di2. He also has an old Chris Kelly steel SS CX bike, Scott Dirt Jumper, and Scott Voltage FR710 for hitting the bike park at Mt Bachelor and Whistler. 

In the winter Kevin can be found at sun up on the nordic trails of Mt Bachelor and Virginia Meissner, honing his classic technique (he skates too, but prefers classic). Kevin goes back to Wisconsin for the American Birkebeiner, a 55km classic ski race (or 51km skate), every Feb., slowly working his way up through the waves. He has finally skied his way up to Wave 1 (he knows that the Elite wave is never going to happen for him). Kevin has TOO many skis, so if you are 6'+ and weigh about 200 pounds, he might have a great pair for you. Same with size 14 boots (48).


  • MeanToddAwfully nice for being "Mean"
  • Father of the coolest kids in town
  • Commuter Extraordinaire

    MeanTodd is Kevin's brother and best friend. He's funny as hell. A loving husband and father. When Todd gets to ride he rides, Scott Spark 900 RC, Salsa Mukluk or Realm custom race townie, or Surly Big Dummy.  He's given up on nordic skiing, as Alpine is just too much fun. He's in charge of keeping the shop looking good, buying, and  vendor relations.

Ed Micek

WebCyclery Manager Ed Micek

  • Funnier than you think
  • Roadie
  • Shop Curmudgeon

Ed used to manage the shop, but has moved to more of a part-time role these days, and is our Co-Motion and Moots fitting expert. In his spare time he also runs the WebCyclery race team. He rides a Scott Foil and Scott Spark. He's a roadie, and one of the best crit riders around. But don't let that fool you, he will still kick all of our asses on the dirt. He's also become a nordic geek. He is slowly amassing a quiver of skis, almost as many as Bert! When it comes to Di2 and anything Campy, Ed is all over it.



  • Gorman Family Patriarch
  • Procurement & Payables
  • Has the best office in town

"Double Clutchin' DickieG" is from Madison, WI and got his sons riding by taking us around the neighborhood on the back of his yellow Schwinn Letour. He also took us out skiing on the golf courses of SE WI.  He is in charge of accounts Payable, Procurement, and all the shop fantasy leagues.

Erich Weidenkeller

  • Shop Manager
  • Suspension Expert
  • CA transplant
  • Super Awesome

Erich moved up here with his family from Redding, CA where he worked at the Chain Gang bike shop. He is an impressive mechanic and does a great job with all things suspension. He's currently riding a Scott Ransom 910, but also loves his purple Karate Monkey. Another great employee that we are lucky to have.

Zach Casper

  • Ski Guru
  • Shop Hippie (longest hair)
  • All around good guy

After spending the last 15 years or so in Yellowstone, Wyoming (with a few stints at Royal Gorge, Mammoth Lakes, and Girdwood/Alyeska Ski Area), Zach made his way to Bend, and we are sure glad he did. Zach is a great rider, skier, skitech, mechanic, salesman, etc. He ispent many years as nordic ski instructor up at Mt Bachelor in the winter and is our other resident ski and wax guru (aren't we lucky). He's a little bit old school when it comes to bikes - "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Zach is currently cruising the trails on a Salsa El Mariachi Titanium Hardtail...because it is awesome and it works!

Shannon Patterson

  • Head Mechanic
  • Super knowledgeable & logical
  • Can chase a creak with the best of them

Shannon came to us from the Bay area (Cupertino Bike Shop) and is the most even keeled mechanic we've ever had on the staff. He rides all sorts of bikes, including his Salsa Spearfish,  Niner Sir9, Specialized Stumpjumper, Bontrager SS, Cervelo R3SL, and Schwinn Collegiate, and he even has a unicycle. Shannon is an alpine and tele instructor up at Mt Bachelor in the winters. He is super smart and thorough and is great with technical stuff.

Julia Sparks

  • Awesome Mechanic
  • Oregon Native
  • Creak chaser

Julia came to us from Corvallis, OR, where she worked at Peak Sports. She is a great mechanic and is one of the best at figuring out where that little noise is coming from. We're really happy and lucky to have Julia on our staff. Julia is currently riding a Salsa Spearfish as well as a few other things. 

Ross Winsor

  • Trials Guru
  • Shipping & Receiving Guy
  • Weight Weenie

    Ross is our resident Bike Trials Guru. He competes nationally and internationally and has been the U.S. National Champion. You can check out his collection of trials videos here. Originally from the east coast, he moved out to Utah for college and also spent a little time in Flagstaff, AZ before moving to Bend. He spends most of his time on his Crewkerz Jealousy trials bike. He also rides a Niner Air 9 Carbon singlespeed on Bend's fantastic singletrack. Ross is also an avid bike commuter and thinks gas should be 8 bucks a gallon. If you have trials questions, call Ross! He's also in charge of Shipping & Receiving and Online Orders.

Bert Hinkley

  • Solda Wax Guru
  • Tech Geek
  • Fittest guy in the shop

Bert is one of our ski & wax gurus. Bert comes to us from Vermont, by way of Colorado and New Hampshire. He taught at Proctor Academy in NH for 30 years (but still considers himself a Vermonter). He speaks a little Czech, and has done his fair share of coaching both alpine and nordic skiing. Bert rides a Scott Foil road bike and a Ritchey Swiss Cross for his gravel bike. Bert has a whole crap-ton of skis - cold skis, warm skis, wet skis, dry skis, fast skis, slow skis. etc. If you wanna get technical, come talk to Bert.  Bert tried to retire a couple years ago, but somehow we were lucky enough to talk him in to working 2-3 days a week in the winter. As a side note, Bert's son was a combined skier and on the US Ski team.

Stephane Niquet

  • He's French!
  • Il parle le Francais
  • He likes to ride for a long time

Stephane is our French Connection...He came aboard in the summer of 2017. He's a database guy, but loves bikes. Check out his sweet pink gravel grinder!

Heidi Slominski

Heidi Slominski

  • Certified Mountainbike Instructor
  • San Diego Transplant
  • Hauls Ass on a bike!

Heidi loves to ride. When she's not helping us here in the shop, she's probably riding or having fun in the outdoors. She's also a part time guide and mtb instructor. And she likes beer and whiskey, too. We like Heidi. Heidi just welcomed her first daughter (her  second child) to her family, so she won't be in the shop as much as we like. 

Aidan Whitelaw

Aidan Whitelaw

  • Comes to us from Boulder, CO
  • Nordic Assassin
  • Probably the fastest skier in the shop

Aidan is another part timer that helps out whenever he can after school (and when he isn't busy training). He's super fast. He rides a Scott Spark and has all sorts of skis.  He loves riding in Moab, UT and skiing in West Yellowstone, MT. 

Carson 'Mongi' Griffith  aka Sketch

Carson Mongi Griffith

  • Born and raised in Bend, OR
  • The hucker of the shop
  • At 16, has broken more bones than Kevin in his whole life

Carsonia helps us out a little after school. He's a hardcore slopestyle and freerider. He rides a Scott Voltage FR710 as his do everything bike, and now that he has a license, loves driving around in the 'huevo', his Jeep Grand Cherokee. You can check out some of his pics and videos on Instagram @ Mongi_56

Anton Micek

Anton Micek

  • Born in Omaha? But raised here in Bend
  • Super smart, super fast
  • Definitely one of the fastest skiers in the shop

Anton helps us out when he isn't in school or training or racing. He rides a Scott Scale? and Foil? He is a super fast skier and crushes his dad, Ed, on a regular basis. He also has the best hair in the shop.