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Cross Country Ski Service

Cross Country Ski Service Rates

At WebCyclery and WebSkis in Bend, OR, our cross country ski shop professionals take pride in making sure you have the proper skis and proper ski wax for the conditions you will be skiing. From beginners to seasoned professionals we can help you wax and set up your cross country skis (also called nordic skis) so you can perform at your best and have a great experience doing it. No matter what the snow conditions we can make sure you are prepared!

Cross Country Ski Flex Evaluation

3521Ski Flex Evaluation*$15

Additional Skis$5
Our nordic ski gurus will put your skis on our custom flex testing machine and evaluate the ski based on your weight and other parameters. This will help you know when to use certain skis based on different conditions. Are they better suited for soft snow? hard snow? warm snow? cold snow? an 8 year old boy? We'll figure it out.
*Ski Flex Evaluation charges can be applied to the purchase of a new ski within 30 days (up to 3)

Cross Country Ski Waxing

Ski Wax Basic
10 Wax Pass
Our basic nordic ski wax includes brushing the ski clean, inspecting the ski for damage, correctly applying a non-fluorinated  wax (Solda Techno, HC28, HC1)  or in some cases (while supplies last) a low-fluorinated wax (Solda UF7 or World Cup Performance Wax), scraping with a sharp plexiglass scraper, brushing with a hard nylon brush, then a softer brush.
3510aSki Wax Performance$50
First, we wax your ski with a base wax, which will vary depending on weather conditions, but will typically be a non-fluorinated wax or graphite or carbon. We scrape & brush accordingly, and then apply a specific wax of the day, usually a high performance non-fluorinated wax such as SOLDA Superglide.  We will add structure accordingly.
3507Ski Wax Race Prep$90
Ah, the grand daddy of wax jobs. You've spent scores of hours training for the big event. You may as well not let your skis hold you back at all. We build up the layers of condition specific non-fluorinated waxes, starting with a basic non-fluor such as SOLDA Techno or HC28, adding a high performance wax such as SOLDA Superglide,  and ending with a high-performance powder or liquid top coat (such as SOLDA HL4, S30, etc.). We will add structure accordingly. Waxes will depend on conditions.

Cross Country Ski Base Prep & Repair

3511Ski Kick Wax Cleaning$20
3506Ski Wax Base Prep$60
The full treatment. Ski production has come a long way in the last decade. The Quality of the bases and grinds that are coming on them are better than ever. The old way of prepping skis isn't necessary any more. Now, the best thing to do is to put some wax in them and ski them. So if you want a little extra, our new base prep procedure is basically just waxing your skis over and over with different waxes.  We apply 5-6 layers of wax, scraping and brushing between each layer. A good way to saturate the bases of a new ski.
3514Ski Base Renewal*$25
Give your bases a little TLC. Price can vary. Sometimes we do a little metal scraping, sometimes we add a little P-tex, sometimes we have to use some epoxy..... 
3510Ski Structure$8
We use the Finite Structure Tool to add structure to your bases based on the predicted conditions. A temporary alternative to grinding. We mostly recommend this when there is a lot of moisture in the snow (wet and warmer conditions)

Cross Country Binding & Pole Services

3500Ski Binding Install* - Standard SNS and NNN$20
3515Ski Binding NIS Install*$6
3522Ski Binding Install Custom$45
3525Voile 3 Pin Binding Install (no cable)$45
3526Voile 3 Pin Binding Install w/cable$60
3501Ski Binding Removal$12
3502Ski Binding Drill$10
3503Ski Pole Cutting - Kit**$15
3516Ski Pole Cutting - Glued**$20
3504Ski Pole Grip Install$12
3505Ski Pole Basket Install$10

*Nordic Ski Binding Installation is included with the purchase of a partial or complete ski package. Partial package is 3 of 4 items - boots, poles, skis, bindings.

**Initial sizing and pole cutting is included with the purchase of poles.

Rollerski Service

3518Rollerski Binding Install$20