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Bike Trials Links

Bike Trials Links

Online Resources – A great place to learn more about trials. A forum with lots of pictures, videos, terms, articles, etc.

Observed Trials – Primarily North American bike trials forum with pictures, videos, buy and sell section, beginners section, regional sections, and more.

Trials-Forum – U.K.-based Internet forum similar to Observed Trials.

Trashzen – An informative website with explanations and videos of various trials moves and techniques. A great place for beginners to learn the basics.

Bike Trials on Wikipedia – An explanation of bike trials history, rules, and bikes.

Tribal Zine – A French website with all the latest trials news, photos, videos, and more. You can find an English version of the site here, but it doesn't have all the articles that the French one does.

NATrials – North American Trials is an organizational body for trials competitions in North America. It's a great place for North American riders to find competitions in their area, as well as competition results and articles.

UCI Trials – Bike trials page on the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) website. The UCI is the main governing body for the highest level competitions and the world championships. This is a good resource for competition information and results.

Facebook Groups


USA Bike Trials Riders - General trials group for riders anywhere in the U.S.

Northeast Bike Trials - Trials riders in New England.

New York City Trials Riders - Trials group for the Big Apple.

Southeastern Trials Series - Trials group for the southeastern U.S.

Louisiana Bike Trials - Trials group for riders in the Bayou State.

Madison Trials Riders - Trials riders in Madison, Wisconsin.

NoCo Trials Riders - Trials group for northern Colorado and the Front Range.

Southwest Bike Trials - Trials riders in the Southwestern U.S.

San Francisco Trials Riders - Trials riders in the Bay Area.

San Diego Trials Riders - Trials riders in San Diego, California.

Pacific Northwest Trials Riders - Trials riders in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.


Canadian Bicycle Trials - Group for all things bike trials in Canada.

Vancouver, BC Trials Riders - One of the hotbeds for trials in North America with many active riders.

Victoria, BC Trials Riders - Trials riders in Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island

Kamloops Trials Biking - Group for riders in Kamloops, BC.

Alberta Bike Trials - Trials riders in Alberta, Canada.

Ontario Bike Trials - Trials riders in Ontario, Canada.

Trial Bike Montreal - Trials riders in and around Montreal, Canada.

Trials Manufacturers

Echo - Chinese manufacturer of trials bikes, frames and parts. Echo is one of the largest trials companies out there and also makes Adamant, Czar, GU, and Zoo! trials bikes.

Inspired Bicycles - The brand made famous by trials legend Danny MacAskill. They offer a full range of street trials bikes for beginners and pros alike.

Trialtech - U.K. manufacturer of trials components with a full selection of parts including forks, handlebars, rims, hubs, and more.

Jitsie - A Belgium-based moto and bike trials company that produces a full range of trials bikes, components and clothing.

Crewkerz - French bike trials company known for their innovative and technical designs. The official sponsor of World Champion Jack Carthy, they produce a range of trials bikes and components.

Clean - Spanish company founded by multiple time World Champion Abel Mustieles offering complete bikes and a full range of parts.

Monty - Founded in Spain by the father of legendary trials rider Ot Pi, Monty is the oldest and probably most famous trials company in the world.

TNN Engineering - Australian manufacturer of precision, high quality trials brake pads, brake clamps, and more.

Racing Line - Hong Kong company that has developed high quality aftermarket CNC parts for the popular 2005-2010 Magura HS33 brakes, as well as their own brakes and levers and a range of other components.

Hope - U.K.-based manufacturer of high quality brakes, hubs, headsets, and more.