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Thru Axle Finder

Thru axle solutions for everyone from The Robert Axle Project

The Robert Axle Project


What is the Robert Axle Project?

If you're searching for a thru axle that will fit your bike, you've come to the right place. The Robert Axle Project builds unique 12mm and 15mm thru axles for bikes that help riders haul cargo, pull kids trailers, fit into trainers, and replace bulky, inefficient stock axles. If your bike uses thru axels, you'll find a great solution here. All thru axles are designed, built, and tested in Bend, Oregon. You can depend on these products to be lightweight, secure, ultra-strong, and a perfect fit for your bike.


How do I find the right thru axle for my bike?

It's simple. Use the tool below to give information about your current bike and what you hope to accomplish. The Robert Axle Project handles the rest and finds the perfect thru axle to fit your bike and goals. 

Specify whether you want to attach a trailer, a trainer, or just your wheel. After that, you'll need to input the style of bike (road, mountain, fat, etc.) as well as the brand and the hub size. Find your bike and check out the great thru axle options. The Robert Axle Project guarantees you'll find the right axle for you bike. If the Finder tool takes you to the incorrect product for your bike, they will exchange it for the correct product at no additional cost. If you have questions, feel free to call.

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