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There is no name synonymous with titanium frame fabrication quite like Moots. Gorgeous welds, an impeccable heritage dating back to 1981 and a wide variety of unique offerings make Moots a brand high on many people's wish lists.


Quality design, quality tubing, quality craftspeople and quality processes equal the best made frame you can buy. Their long-term dedication to one material, Titanium, has provided Moots with a level of experience designing, building and riding every style of bike over the past 35 years.


Each frame is meticulously fashioned out of premium US-made titanium tubing, allowing Moots to design every bike to the specific needs of the frame style and individual rider. Their purposeful design philosophy, knowledge of the unique characteristics of titanium, and relentless focus on craftsmanship come together in the creation of true lifetime bikes—whether your preference is asphalt, dirt or both.


Behold, the magical, mystery material. For two decades, Moots has built their bike frames exclusively out of premium US-made, Moots Pi Tech 3/2.5 titanium tubing. Why? Because no other material allows them the ability to finely tune every single frame to achieve the perfect ride quality in every single bike they make. Moots uses a custom, proprietary blend of tube diameters and wall thicknesses for every single frame style and individual size in their line.


Contact us and we’ll help you design the perfect new bike. We’ll assist you with the frame specs, fitting, parts selection, assembly, and delivery of your new bike.

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