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Anti-Icing Waxes

Swix Skin Care Pack
- Swix Skin Care is developed to protect integrated skins from icing and to improve the glide properties. - Improves glide properties in all conditions by reduces the friction between the skin and the snow. - For the best possible glide experience, the Skin Care can also be applied in the glide section of the ski. - To be used before skiing: simply spray Skin Care on the skin, rub in gently using paper in a tip to tail direction. - Includes Skin Care spray and Fiberlene towel.
Swix Skin Care 150ml
- Protects integrated skins from icing and improves glide properties. - Recommended maintenance for skin skis to extend their life span and get a better ski experience. - To be applied before skiing. - Sold in pump spray bottle. - 150ml/5fl oz.
Swix Skin Wax
- Swix Skin Wax helps keep your skins ice-free. - To be applied on skins and skin skis to prevent icing up and provide easier glide. - Repels dirt and works great in all snow conditions. - Simply apply in a tip to tail direction, wait 5-10 minutes and you are ready to ski. - Ideal for backcountry and alpine touring and nordic skin skis. - 150ml aerosol can with applicator.
Swix Zero 70 Spray
- Zero 70 Economy Spray from Swix. - To be used in the kick zone of classic fish scale or Zero skis. - Helps keep kick zone free of ice build-up. - Let dry for two minutes after application. -70ml.
START Skin Glide Spray
- Fluorinated skin glide spray from Start. - Prevents ice buildup and enhances glide on mohair classic skis. - Easy and fast application: shake bottle, spray on skins, and let dry about 5 minutes. - Sold in 85ml spray bottle with cap.
Solda F15 Liquid Ski Wax
- Solda's tried and true F15 wax, now available in liquid form! - Liquid wax with sponge tip allows for easy application. - Ideal for use in 40-80% humidity. - Great for making wax corrections mid-ski: if conditions have changed this wax can be easily and quickly applied during your ski. - Can also be used in the kick zones of waxless skis to prevent icing of fish scales. - 90ml Yellow: -3°C to +1°C (27°F to 34°F) Red: -10° to -3°C (14°F to 27°F) Green: -20°C to -10°C (-4°F to 14°F)
Solda Fluor 100
$80.00 - $135.00
- Solda Fluor 100 powder is a pure fluorocarbon powder for warm snow. - It is especially good in falling and new snow in high humidity. - It is also very durable and repels dirt well, meaning you will have unbeatable skis for the entire race. - Spray version can also be used as a high performance substitute for Zero Spray.
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