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Scott Bicycles

A company with a storied past, Scott has won worldwide renown for the cutting-edge technology in all their bicycles. They always push the limits of bicycle weight, design, materials, efficiency and suspension, and enjoy a well-earned reputation as one of world's most advanced bicycle makers.

Scott's bicycles are measurably some of the stiffest on the market, repeatedly topping independent tests of bottom-bracket deflection and other measures of stiffness. The resulting bikes, whether for road, mountain or triathlon, offer incredible efficiency you'll appreciate on every ride.

Whether you're taking on the world's best or just riding around the block, you're sure to find a Scott bicycle that lets you enjoy riding more than ever.

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Scott Mountain Bikes

Scott mountain bikes cover a broad spectrum of off-road riding. You'll find hardtails that are perfect for XC style riding and bikepacking as well as full suspension models that are ready to take on any trail.

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Scott Aspect - a great entry level hardtail MTB with plenty of capability at a great price

Scott Spark RC - a full suspension XC race 29er that pulls out all the stops to be the fastest on the mountain

Scott Scale - an XC race-ready hardtail that comes in tons of builds all kinds of aspiring riders

Scott Scale RC - a scary fast hardtail and the lightest XC race bike in Scott's lineup

Scott Spark - a 130/120mm travel trail and rowdy XC bike that's as adept on the ups as it is on the downs

Scott Genius - a 160/150mm all mountain trail bike that's up for anything you're willing to ride

Scott Ransom - a beastly capable enduro bike designed to climb to the top of the roughest trails on the mountain and race or rid down them at top speed

Scott Gambler - a dedicated downhill machine that's ready for race day, park day, and high gravity free rides

$3,599.99 - $4,599.99
$4,599.99 - $4,799.99

Scott Gravel Bikes

Scott gravel bikes are designed for serious speed on all types of surfaces. These models are built to better absorb the chatter from dirt and gravel roads so you can spice up your rides with extra adventure. 

Our favorite Scott Gravel bikes:

  • Scott Addict Gravel - a performance oriented gravel bike that's at home on fast paced epics and high profile races
  • Scott Speedster Gravel - a great bike for the aspiring gravel rider or roadies who want to expand their horizons

Check out the Addict and the Speedster gravel models for the most fun road riding experience yet.

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Scott Road Bikes

Scott road bikes have been a leader in the road riding world for decades, breaking new ground in weight, aerodynamics, and stiffness. If you want to ride your best, you'll love the innovative technologies that go into every Scott model.

Our favorite Scott Road bikes:

  • Scott Addict RC - a super light road race weapon that excels in the hills
  • Scott Addict - a great all around road package with a more comfortable geometry for big efforts and long days 
  • Scott Speedster - the perfect entry level road bike for riders who want a capable model that can grow with them as they progress
  • Scott Metrix - a flat bar road/hybrid bike that makes a perfect speed oriented commuter or exercise partner

For elite performance that will help you smash your cycling goals, check out the Foil and Addict models.

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