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- This beautifully illustrated book is the most complete guide you will find anywhere to learn about the techniques of bike trials. - Essential reading for new trials riders and anyone with an interest in the elaborate and sometimes counter-intuitive techniques of Trials Riding. - Developed through many years of research and editing by Julien Happich, the webmaster of the popular trials tutorial website TrashZen. - Full color 288-page paperback carefully reviews over 70 trials techniques, from basic bike maneuvering to the most sophisticated moves as performed by professional riders. - This updated edition features QR codes integrated on the pages to provide you with direct access to relevant slow-motion videos on your smartphone. - It has also been updated with a new section dedicated to street trials techniques. - The book details all the moves step-by-step with numerous photos and tips that will boost both your confidence and riding ability. - Also included are several chapters about the sport's evolution, bike geometry and setup, as well as general preparation advice. - If you've ever been tempted by trials riding or if you are frustrated about having to dismount when you come across single-track obstacles, this guide will offer you an excellent complement of information in order to tune your skills far beyond "business as usual".
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