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Jitsie Trials Bikes Buyer's Guide

Jitsie was founded in the early 2000's and is one of the leading brands in trials bikes, parts and accessories.

Built on passion and focus for all things trials, Jitsie has built their brand over the last two decades with that vision in mind. Jitsie is also one of the most innovating brands in trials riding. They have a fresh and unrestricted approach to developing new products that allow riders at any level to have more fun on their bike.

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Jitsie makes top of the line trials bikes and a host of high end components, so whether you're looking for a full bike or a parts upgrade, check out our catalog to see our selection.

Best Jitsie Bikes

Here are some of the top Jitsie trials bike models. Depending on your skill level and your budget you'll find the perfect bike for your needs right here at WebCylery. Check out the top models below:

Jitsie Varial Race

The Jitsie Varial Race models are the top of the line bikes ridden by pro riders and perfect for seasoned riders who need the highest performance in trials competitions.

Jitsie Varial Hybrid

The Jitsie Varial Hybrid models are designed to excel in both trials and street disciplines, and are the perfect balance between serious trials performance and affordability.

Jitie Varial

One of the original models, the Jitsie Varial line is perfect for riders who want to improve their trials skills without braking the bank.

Jitsie Varial Kids

Jitsie Varial Kids models are perfect for young riders who need the more maneuverable 18" wheels to gain confidence and skill.

Jitsie Trials Bike Parts

Jitsie bike parts are some of the best ways to quickly upgrade your trials bike. Whether you're shopping for a new fork, stem, or a set of wheels or bars, you'll find high quality components right here.

Jitsie Varial Race 26in

Jitsie Varial Race 26" Bike 

Perfect for: Competition

The Varial 26" is ready to meet the demands of any trials competition that you throw at it. From rock competitions to urban settings, the Jitse Varial 26" is ready to get the job done. Ridden by Jitsie's own Nicolas Vallée, this bike provides optimum control, precision, and power to you.

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Bike Features

  • Aluminium Varial Frame
  • Carbon Bars
  • Magura Brake Cyclinders
  • Reverz Tires For Maxium Grip
  • Proven Geometry For Optimum Control
Jitsie Varial Race 26in

Bike Features

  • Ridden By Junior World Champion
  • Hope Trial Zone disc brakes
  • Jitsie Race Pads For Ultimate braking confidence
  • One of the lightest trial bikes available
  • Race Stem

Jitsie Varial Race 20" Bike

Perfect for: Competition

Do you prefer smaller, 20inch wheels or are you looking to emulate World Cup winner Alejandro Montalvo?  The Jitsie Varial Race 20" provides all of the great things about the 26" Varial but in a small package. This bike is specced with top-of-the-line Hope Trial Zone disc brakes for the best braking experience on any trials bike.

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Jitsie Varial Hybrid 24in

Jitsie Varial Hybrid 24" Bike

Perfect for: Street & trials riders

The Jitsie Varial Hybrid is the perfect blend of competition-oriented trials and street riding. Whether your hopping up rocks or hucking it down stairs, the Varial Hybrid has you covered. Jitsie has specially selected parts that make you feel comfortable and confident no matter the setting.

Shop Jitsie Varial Hybrid 24"

Bike Features

  • Ridden By Junior World Champion
  • Hybrid geometry
  • Perfect for beginners and experts
  • Shimano MT400 brakes
  • Fast-rolling Kenda K-Rad tires
Jitsie Varial Hybrid 24in

Bike  Features

  • Great value
  • Solid performance
  • Extensively tested by Jitsie team riders
  • Magura hydraulic rim brakes
  • Customizable to suit your riding style

Jitsie Varial 26" Bike

Perfect for: Riders looking to improve their skills

For those of you who are looking for a starter bike or something to progress on, the Jitsi Varial 26" is a perfect fit. Offering solid value and performance for all levels, the Varial 26" was tested by many of the Jitsie team riders to ensure great value and durability.

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Jitsie Varial Kids 18in

Jitsie Varial Kids 18" Bike

Perfect for: Young aspiring riders

The 18" Varial Kid's bike is a perfect first trials bike for young, aspiring trials riders. The geometry and lightweight frame make it easy for young riders to maneuver and learn the basics.

Shop Jitsie Varial Kids 18"

Bike Features

  • Designed for young aspiring riders (3-4ft tall)
  • 18" inch wheels
  • Lightweight for easy handling
Jitsie Varial 1010 20in

Bike Features

  • Suited for both beginners and intermediates
  • Developed and tested by Jitsie riders
  • Available in both rim and disc variations
  • Lightweight for control
  • 8KG 

Jitsie Varial 1010 20" Bike

Perfect for: Riders looking to improve their skills

The Jitsie Varial 1010 has been vigorously tested by Jitsie's team riders including the likes of Alejandro Montalvo and Nicolas Vallée. Jitsie has put together a bike that offers great value and durability that's suitable for both beginner and advanced riders.

Shop Jitsie Varial 1010 20"