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Nordic Skiing

Solda Fluor Paste
- An easy to apply fluorine paste that's excellent on humid and wet snow. - Can be used as a start accelerator or a waxing corrective for the second run, or on that day when you just don't have time to apply hot wax. - Supplied with a foam applicator. - Apply the paste to the base in a thin coat and let dry for 5 minutes. Follow this with polishing with a dry cloth or a cork. - Sold in 15g container.
Swix Sandpaper
- Great for lightly sanding your kick zone before applying kick waxes. - Also good for zero skis every now and then to get better kick. - We also like the finer grit here in the shop for polishing up base repairs. - 5pc pack.
Swix T157 Horsehair Brush
$25.00 - $60.00
- Horsehair bristle brush from Swix. - A great second brush or all around brush on fluorinated waxes. - Brush for 5 to 10 strokes. - Available in rectangular or oval (with strap).
Fischer Xcelerator Jr Skate
The Fischer Xcelerator Junior is the binding for young, ambitious skiers. It has the same unique technology as Xcelerator for adults, including low weight, interchangeable flex and a precise locking mechanism. Juniors will also appreciate the improved grip, for easy opening with or without gloves. With Xcelerator, your body stays in a more upright position, giving you more power, more speed and a better grip. You don’t need to be grown up to enjoy it. - Flex hardness 50 ShA - NIS, fits boot sizes 33-42
Alpina Racing Skate Boot
Recreational runners who prioritize comfort over speed will find a suitable partner in the new ALPINA RACING SKATE. It offers a more relaxed fit for the foot with plenty of functionality and support from the original hard flex Alpina sole, cuff and shell. So you can get the most out of your skis when speeding down the track. NNN Compatible Sole (Fits Rottefella, Salomon Prolink, and Fischer/Rossignol Turnamic bindings)
Rex RG Glide Wax
- The fastest fluor-free glide waxes from Rex. - Offers superior fluor-free performance in all skiing conditions. - 40g block. RG12 Yellow -2°C to +2°C (28°F to 36°F) The softest wax on RG-series. Compared to traditional warm condition gliders the RG12 is relatively hard and not so oily wax. RG22 Blue -8°C to -2°C (18°F to 28°F) Developed for mild to medium frosts, the RG22 is our all time fastest fluor free wax! As a block it is hard, but still easy to melt. Developed especially as an underlayer for top coatings, but works extremely well also as a final layer. RG22 Graphite -12°C to +2°C (10°F to 36°F) Engineered especially for new snow and contains a precisely defined amount of graphite. Hardness is positioned between RG12 Yellow and RG22 Blue. RG32 Green -20°C to -8°C (-4°F to 18°F) A hard and very durable glider for cold conditions. Due to its hardness it is very durable and abrasion resistant.
Alpina Pro Skate Boot
Alpina upgraded the Pro Skate with their 4DRY technology for better breathability and improved the design to fit closer to the foot. The newly developed sole holds the foot in place and enhances stability. It is also lighter than ever. NNN Compatible Sole (Fits NNN Xcelerator/Prolink/Turnamic Bindings) Race Fit
Alpina Pro Classic Boot
Competition at the highest level comes at a price - equipment matters. A bit heavier than the Elite 3.0, this boot still handles the tracks with vigor. Fitted with the new Alpina sole, 4DRY system, injected heel support and shell, it's meant to endure everything you throw at it! NNN Compatible Sole (Fits NNN Xcelerator/Prolink/Turnamic Bindings) Race Fit
Solda Hard Horsehair Roto Brush
$35.00 - $50.00
- Fine, natural fiber hard horsehair roto brush from Solda. - This brush works best with colder, harder waxes or performance waxes that have a hardener added to them. - Neutral electro/static charge. - Available in 100mm and 120mm lengths.
Swix VX Kick Wax
- High performance kick wax with high fluor content from Swix. - Designed for World Cup racing, it provides grip with minimal drag. - Can be used with new and old snow. - Excellent in high humidity. - Also helps prevent icing. - Ideal performance when used as a top layer of kick wax. - 45g stick. VX43 New snow: -2°C to 0°C (28°F to 32°F) Old snow: -8°C to -2°C (18°F to 28°F) VX53 New snow: 0°C to +1°C (32°F to 34°F) Old snow: -3°C to 0°C (27°F to 32°F) VX63 New snow: 0°C to +2°C (32°F to 36°F) Old snow: -4°C to 0°C (25°F to 32°F)
Madshus Hyper RPS Skate Boot
- Madshus's Hyper RPS skate boots use World Cup level technology for the aspiring racer. - High cuff delivers extra stability and power transfer. - RevoWrap™ and MemBrain® softshell ensure a secure fit and keep your feet warm, dry and comfortable. - R3 outsole is designed for stability and performance. - Xcelerator Skate sole.
Solda Steel Brush
- Steel bristle hand brush from Solda. - Nylon outer bristles made from durable synthetic nylon fibers. - Steel inner bristles. - Great for pre-wax cleaning.
Swix T423 Structure Rollers
- Structure rollers from Swix for the T423 structure tool. - Bearings included. - Sold individually.
Madshus Boot Cover
- Neoprene boot covers from Madshus. - Great for keeping your feet warm on those really cold days. - Fits any NNN boot. - Sold as a pair.
Rode Fast Klisters
$25.00 $32.00 22% Off
- Rode Fast klisters have the same kick quality as the traditional Rode Klisters but with superior glide, making them ideal for racing. - Fluorine content provides extra gliding properties. - They work especially well in moist conditions. FK30 Violet -3ºC to +1ºC (27ºF to 34ºF) For coarse grained transformed snow and crusty tracks. FK40 Rossa -2ºC to +4ºC (28ºF to 39ºF) For all wet, variable and crusty snow conditions. Tracks are in and out of the sun. FK52 Silver 0ºC to +5ºC (32ºF to 41ºF) For all wet snow. Think of this in rain with dirty snow. FK76 Multigrade -6ºC to +6ºC (21ºF to 43ºF) For all granular, wet and crusty conditions in variable temperatures.
Swix Fine Steel Brush
- Swix fine steel brush is ideal for cleaning out the structure before waxing. - Ultra fine 0.10 mm bristles go deep into the base structure to clean and refresh the base. - Can also be used as second brush after waxing. - Use 4 to 5 strokes. - This brush should only be used in one direction, Tip to Tail of ski. - Do not brush back and forth on ski base.
Swix Wild Boar Brush
$30.00 - $60.00
- Ideal as a second brush on fluorinated waxes. - Brush 5 to 10 strokes. - Available in rectangular or oval (with strap).
Rottefella Performance Skate Binding
Easy to use affordable binding from Rottefella. - NIS compatible. - Flex hardness 60 ShA. - Lever/hook system contains no moving parts, cams or springs for improved durability. - Two hooks that engage the bar on the sole of the boot provide a secure grip. - Fits boot sizes 35-52. - Available in black/white.
Solda Superspeed Paste Wax
- Solda Superglide is fluorine-free hydrocarbon paste wax designed for high level skiing. - Offers great gliding properties without using harmful fluorocarbon ingredients. - Gives you maximum glide for minimal waxing effort. - Available in three temperature ranges for varying conditions. - Works best on transformed snow when humidity is above 50%. - Easy to apply cold (no iron required): simply distribute it evenly along the base with a sponge or microfiber cloth, and then gently polish it in. - For longer lasting glide, you can also add an extra final step of heating the base with an iron set at 90-100°C for 5-10 minutes, keeping a microfiber cloth between the iron and the base. This helps the wax penetrate and bond more firmly with the base. - Sold in 75ml tube. Yellow: -4°C to 0°C (25°F to 32°F) Red: -13°C to 0°C (9°F to 32°F) Green: -24°C to -13°C (-11°F to 9°F)
Vauhti Pure One Liquid Wax
$25.00 - $29.00
- Vauhti Pure One waxes are economical liquid glide waxes that do not contain fluorocarbons. - Offers good gliding properties without using harmful fluorocarbon ingredients. - Formulated from ingredients used in the racing parafins and high-quality solvents to give good performance and durability. - Available in Wet, Mid, and Cold to suit a variety of temperatures and all snow conditions. - LD (Long Distance) is formulated to give the best durability for longer distances. - Quick and easy to use, no ironing required. - Simply apply with the sponge applicator, allow to dry at room temperature for at least 15 minutes, and brush out. - Available in 80ml bottle with applicator sponge. Pure One Wet Temperature: -1°C to +10°C (30°F to 50°F) For warm, wet conditions and damp snow. Pure One Mid Temperature: -4°C to +2°C (25°F to 36°F) Great on new and damp snow. Pure One Cold Temperature: -20°C to -2°C (-4°F to 28°F) Suitable in cold winter conditions. Pure One LD Temperature: -10°C to +5°C (14°F to 41°F) For a wide temperature range and variable conditions over long distances.
Swix Roadline Classic Rollerskis
- The new Roadline Classic rollerski from Swix. - An updated version of the all-time best selling classic rollerski from Swix. - The training choice of many elite skiers. - The wheels on this ski have been designed to provide the closest experience you can get to being on-snow. - Wide 50mm rubber wheels offer exceptional vibration absorption. - Rear wheel contains a ratcheting mechanism that only rolls forward, enabling the athlete to “kick” as in classic skiing on snow. - Pre-drilled for all screw type bindings. - Wheel diameter: 67 mm, wheel width: 50 mm. - Designed for use on asphalt. We'll mount bindings for free when you order them at the same time as your rollerskis!
Bjorn Daehlie Race Light Glove
Glove Race Light is a thin, snug-fitting racing glove designed for competition and high-intensity training. An ultra lightweight glove with wind- and water-repellent 3-layer soft shell on the back of the glove. The synthetic leather in the palm of the glove is specially developed for gloves and is as breathable as leather. An elastic Polyknit cuff with elastic seams makes the gloves easy to put on, even when they are damp. Minimal seams to avoid unpleasant chafing. Nose wipe made from cozy fleece material. The ergonomic design with its shaped fingers makes this a great glove for anyone looking for that little bit extra. This is one of the top designs in a completely new generation of gloves from Dæhlie, developed to give skiers the best start to their ski session, whether involved in training or competition. Black/White
Bliz Hero
- Designed to look as good as they feel, and keep your vision clear in different weather conditions. - This is a versatile model that goes great with many different kinds of sports. - Whether you’re on a mountain bike at full speed, on a slow run or just chilling at the beach, Hero is right there with you. - The lens comes with Hydro Lens Technology™, guaranteeing clear and crisp vision in different weather conditions. - Adjustable temples and nose pad makes sure you’re always comfortable.
Swix 10mm Rollerski Ferrules
- Rollerski pole ferrules from Swix. - Hard metal tip for better durability when used on asphalt or other hard surfaces. - 10 mm diameter. - Sold as a pair.
One Way BC Carbon Pole
The BC Carbon is the lightest pole of One Way's backcountry line. Made out of 30% carbon with only 102g/m, it supports you ideally on long backcountry tours. Its large, lightweight and flexible BC Basket adapts ideally to any gradient. Multi Grip including elongation gives you the ideal grip position even in steeper terrain for more safety and comfort on the ascent. 16:9mm shaft
Sauce Swift Toque
The lightweight SWIFT TOQUE (toque, rhymes with duke) is designed for aerobic activity (like nordic skiing), suitable in temperatures as low as 15°F (-10°C). Unlined, the hat helps retain body heat and provides wind protection to keep you moving comfortably. TWO SIZES: S/M (designed to fit 6½ to 7) + M/L (designed to fit 7 to 7¾). Most of our Sauce Toques come with the traditional style tassel. If you don't like it, just cut it off.
Fischer Twin Skin Superlite
$325.00 - $350.00
Always a favorite of skiers looking to take the next step, the Twin Skin Superlite EF is a light, versatile ski for any conditions. It has Efficient Forward for an effective, forgiving kick requiring less energy. Speed Grinding 2.0 offers race-quality gliding properties. The offset, variable depth design of the Twin Skin mohair strips offers consistent, efficient grip, even on hard track conditions. Spend more time enjoying friends, family and skiing and less time trying to make your equipment work with skis featuring Twin Skin and Efficient Forward technology. The reliable grip of Twin Skin mohair strips complements the Efficient Forward design that allows skiers to engage the ski for kick without perfect technique. Better grip leads to better glide, and that ads up to a better skiing experience. Since the length of the skins cannot be adapted to the snow conditions, like ski way can, the individual position of the binding is particularly important. Thanks to the adjustable TURNAMIC® bindings you can specify performance: move them forward for more grip and easier climbing. Move them to the rear for noticeable better gliding properties. So you are ideally equipped for all conditions. - Bindings NOT included.
Swix Dynamic D3 Pole
Performance composite pole for high intensity skiing. This model follows the new measuring system for poles. Give us a call and we can talk about sizing. We are happy to cut any poles down to whatever size you need. For ski touring Covers all trail conditions Unbreakable The Dynamic D3 pole is the core level composite pole from SWIX with well proven components such as PCU handle, 97 baskets covering all trail conditions. The pole is first and foremost, a touring pole. The PCU handle with the new Profit 3D strap assures good power transmission and comfort. Stiffness: 48 mm Strength: Unbreakable shaft weight: 99 gr/m Total weight 155 cm pole: 212 grams Diameters & lengths Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. 130 cm - 175 cm. 5 cm interval. Recommended use Groomed trails, skating and classic skiing. Pro Fit 3D strap Large basket Basket covering all trail conditions High quality PCU handle Touring pole
Alpina TR Vital (Tourer Vital) BC Boot
The TR Vital is a comfortable performer for BC adventures. It features a medium flex NNN BC Sole and anatomic footbed. It is insulated with Alpitex waterproof membrane. A great choice for any BC enthusiast. It fits the BCX Auto binding or the Magnum binding.
Solda F40 Carbon Ski Wax
$25.00 - $112.00 $52.00 - $160.00 Up to 52% Off
- High performance glide wax from Solda. - Webskis go-to wax on race day. - Ideal wax for conditions of high humidity. - F40 Carbon replaces the familiar F40 Top Race. - Carbon additive has been found to equal the old F40 in new and newly transformed snow and to exceed the older Top Race product in old, abrasive or dirty snow. - Available in 60g and 180g blocks. - Also available in 30g powder form, which can be quickly and easily mixed with additives. Yellow: -4ºC to +5ºC (25ºF to 41ºF) Ideal for transformed snow in warmer temperatures above and just below freezing. A great spring-like conditions wax. Orange: -9ºC to +2ºC (16ºF to 36ºF) Excels in older and transformed snow. This wax works very well on snow that has frozen overnight, but is warming up during the day. Red: -13ºC to 0ºC (9ºF to 32ºF) For new or non completely transformed snow in 30-60% humidity. Violet: -14ºC to -4ºC (7ºF to 25ºF) A great wax for new and old snow, medium to high humidity. Green: -24ºC to -13ºC (-11ºF to 9ºF) An excellent choice for colder temperatures.
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