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Salsa: Adventure By Bike

Salsa Gets It

We ride to have fun, to push ourselves, and to enjoy the freedom that bikes provide. That's why the Salsa lineup is overflowing with models that help us do just that.

With a particular fondness for the road less-traveled, you'll find there's a Salsa bike that kicks serious butt in whatever style of riding you love.

Are you a rider who wants to shred trails all day long? Do you love heading out for a group ride down whatever road, path, or trail looks interesting? Are you itching to pack up your tent and head out into the woods? Do you feel like racing a few thousand miles through the most beautiful spaces on Earth?

If you like to have fun on two wheels, there's a Salsa bike for you.

Salsa Mountain Bikes

Whether you're heading out for a trail-shredding session or an epic bikepacking weekend, Salsa mountain bikes are the most fun way to ride and explore.

Salsa hardtail bike

Front Suspension Mountain Bikes

Fun, pure and simple. Hardtail mountain bikes are perfect for a wide range of riders because they are incredibly versatile and are often more affordable than their full-suspension counterparts. 

With fewer parts and components to worry about, hardtails can often be lighter and require less maintenance so you’ll spend more time riding and less time dialing your suspension. 

If you love cross-country, you’ll appreciate how efficiently these bikes climb and how fast you can tear through the trails. And if you’re into bikepacking, you’ll enjoy the big front triangle that’s perfect for a frame bag full of gear. 

There are Salsa models rocking 29” wheels as well as models optimized for 27.5+, and a few that can accommodate both. Check out the Salsa Rangefinder for a great all-around hardtail, and look up the Timberjack for even more capability.

Salsa full-suspension bike in orange bike

Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Salsa’s full-suspension mountain bikes are full-throttle trail crushers that will take you on some wildly fun rides. Rear suspension makes all the difference when the going gets rough, and these bikes are your best bet when you’ve got big terrain in mind. 

There are a few great models to choose from depending on how you like to ride. Take a look at the Salsa Rustler for a nimble 27.5” bike that’s a blast to whip around on the trails.

If you’re looking for versatility, the Spearfish can accommodate both 27.5+ and 29-inch wheels. 

And if you’re looking for a 29" all-out trail slayer, the Horsethief is a great way to go.


Salsa Gravel + All-Road + Touring Bikes

Weekend rides, bike tours, and ultra endurance races are all key elements in the Salsa psyche. Adventure comes in many forms, so Salsa's gravel and touring bikes are made to help you ride farther and faster than ever.

Salsa gravel bike bike

Gravel + All-Road Bikes

This category of Salsa bikes is full of race-worthy models and high-performance all-arounders. Whether you’re a dedicated gravel warrior or someone who appreciates the ability to turn a road ride into something more interesting, Salsa has a bike you’ll fall in love with. 

These models are lightweight and super-quick on mixed surfaces so you can ride, race, and explore wherever you choose. 

If you want the fastest bike for all-day epic endurance rides on mostly paved roads, check out the Salsa Warroad. The Warbird is built for gravel racing, and models like the Journeyman and Vaya are excellent all-arounders that are perfectly at home on pavement, gravel, and even light touring. And for riders who like to go the distance, the Salsa Cutthroat is designed for ultra-endurance bikepacking races like the Tour Divide.

Salsa fargo touring bike

Touring Bikes

Salsa touring models offer unlimited bike travel possibilities. You won’t have to worry about fragility because these steel rigs are super durable and can handle the beatings that come with loaded tours. They’re covered in mounts so you can load up your gear in an infinite number of ways. 

If you're looking for a lightning fast gravel grinder to take on an overnighter with minimal gear, check out the Vaya

For long distance off-road bikepacking adventures, you’ll love the massive tire clearance and geometry of the Fargo. And for big tours that could take you from highways to back roads and everything in between, the Marrakesh is your ticket to seeing the world.


Salsa Kid's Bikes

Salsa kid's Timberjack mountain bike in red

Kids. Love. Mountain bikes. It's a law of nature. Feed the inner shredder in them by setting them up with a super cool kid's bike that's trail ready and tough as nails. 

The kid’s Timberjack even carries the same name of it’s trail-loving older sibling, and your young one will have a blast on this model that’s perfect for helping him or her gain confidence.

Salsa Framesets

Salsa warbird carbon frameset in black

Check out these framesets if you're thinking about a custom build. 

Salsa gravel and touring frames are built for adventure and that means they're super tough and absolutely covered with mounts, and Salsa's mountain bike frames are the perfect way to upgrade your off-road ride. 

Make your new bike exactly what you want it to be.