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Trials bike frames for the perfect custom build or upgrade

If you're searching for the perfect trials bike, why not build your own? Start with one of our killer trials frames and begin assembling your dream bike. Or maybe you've already got components you love you're just looking to upgrade to save weight and improve performance. Whatever your goals, have a look at these frames and let your imagination wander.

Echo Integrated Tensioner Bolt
- Replacement integrated tensioner bolt for 2011 and newer Echo, ZOO, GU, and Czar frames. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M5 thread - 25mm length - Sold individually
Koxx Level Boss Derailleur Hanger
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Spare hangers to fit Koxx Level Boss frames. - Supplied without mounting bolt.
Monty Derailleur Hangers
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Replacement derailleur hangers for older Monty frames. - Hydra hanger includes mounting screws, hangers 1 and 2 include mounting bolts (not pictured).
Woodman Derailleur Hanger
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Replacement derailleur hangers for Woodman frames. - Supplied with mounting bolt.
Zhi Derailleur Hanger
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Replacement derailleur hangers for Zhi frames. - Supplied without mounting bolt.
Echo Derailleur Hanger
Derailleur hangers snap pretty regularly when you get into trials. You might hit it on a ledge or when you jump from obstacle to obstacle. It's always advised to have a spare hanger on hand, so you can get back on your bike in 5 minutes. - Break a derailleur hanger on your Echo frame? These are what you need. - Compatible with all vertical dropout 2005-2010 Echo, Zoo!, Adamant, Czar, and GU frames. - Supplied with mounting bolt.
Inspired XL Logo Chainstay Protector
- Velcro fastening for quick and easy fitting. - Made from neoprene, highly rip and tear resistant, the best material for the job. - Length and depth designed specifically to fit Inspired chainstays perfectly but will also fit other frames. - Double stitching at each end of the velrco strips ensures maximum life. - Large and durable screen printed XL Inspired logo. - 185mm length. - Available in black with white or fluro yellow logo.
Inspired Element/2009-2010 Fourplay Derailleur Hanger
- Replacement hanger to fit 2009-2010 Inspired Fourplay and Element frames. - Available in silver only. - Includes fixing bolt.
Inspired Hex/Fourplay Derailleur Hanger
- Replacement derailleur hanger from Inspired. - Fits Inspired 2013-2016 Hex, 2011-2013 Fourplay, and 2016 Element frames. - High quality, CNC machined aluminum alloy hanger. - Does NOT include fixing bolt. - Available in black only.
Crewkerz Thru-Axle
$30.00 - $34.00
- Replacement thru-axle for Crewkerz hubs. - Compatible with Crewkerz frames and forks only. - High quality aluminum construction. - Fitting for T-40 Torx wrench for easy adjustment and less chance of stripping than a standard allen key fitting. - Available in 9mm front or 12mm rear. - Anodized red finish. - Sold individually.
Inspired Fourplay/Skye Tensioner Mount
- Replacement high quality, CNC-machined aluminum tensioner mount from Inspired. - Fits 2014 and newer Inspired Fourplay frames and Inspired Skye V3 frames only. - Includes fixing bolts. - Available in black only.
Inspired Skye V2/V3 Rear Axle
- High quality replacement axle assembly to fit Inspired Skye V2 and V3 frames only. - Hard anodized silver finish. - Does not include tapered wedge and bolt. - Sold singly.
Jitsie Varial 26
- Tested and used by Jitsie team riders Nico Vallée and Rafa Tibau. - Manufactured from aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum. - Minimalistic design with focus on performance and durability. - Uses a 120mm long CNC machined headtube designed for an internal headset. - A large hole has been machined in the headtube to reduce weight. - CNC machined 68mm threaded bottom bracket yoke is stiff and strong. - Features dedicated 4-bolt rim brake mounts with a CNC machined integrated brake booster for optimal stiffness. - Neat CNC-machined horizontal dropouts are spaced at 116mm and feature tensioner bolts to accept snail cams. - Three brake line guides are located on the lower side of the top tube to keep the brake line in place and out of the way. - Unique frame design allows for the Jitsie aftermarket seat to be used, giving the frame added versatility. - Comes supplied with lightweight silicon seat tube plug. - Sandblasted and anodized black finish with stylish Jitsie graphics. Geometry: (measured with 400 x 35mm fork) - Wheelbase: 1085mm - Chainstay Length: 380mm - Bottom Bracket Rise: 70mm - Head Tube Angle: 71.5° - Head Tube Length: 120mm - Reach: 660mm
Alias 20.2 20
- Unique 20" steel frame from UK Manufacturer Alias. - Developed with Trialtech team rider Flipp. - Manufactured from Japanese Cr-moly steel for maximum durability and a responsive ride. - Versatile design allows you to run a 19" or 20" rear wheel. - Run 20" wheels front and rear for a more street trials setup, or run a conventional 20" front wheel and 19" rear wheel for more traditional trials riding. - Steep head angle, short wheelbase, and super short chainstays make it very agile and easy to spin. - Butted top and downtubes reduce weight while maintaining strength in key areas. - 68mm threaded bottom bracket yoke is stiff and strong. - Burly 160mm IS disc mount is reinforced for increased strength and rigidity. - Horizontal dropouts are spaced at 135mm and feature tensioner bolts to accept snail cams. - Compatible with straight 1 1/8" forks. - Three brake line guides are located on the lower side of the top tube to keep the brake line in place and out of the way. - Wide chainstay and seatstay design allows for 2.5" tire clearance with 19 or 20" wheels. - Available in Gloss Teal finish with white Alias graphics. - Includes integrated headset. Geometry: (measured with 365 x 30mm fork) - Wheelbase: 937mm - Chainstay Length: 336mm (using 18:12 gear ratio) - Bottom Bracket Rise: 65mm - Head Tube Angle: 73° - Head Tube Length: 122mm - Reach: 590mm
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