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Bert Hinkley:
Webcyclery's Nordic Ski Guru

Bert Hinkley, sales associate and ski guru at Webcyclery

About Bert Hinkley

Position: Sales associate, nordic ski and wax guru

Experience: decades of ski coaching and product testing

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Bert Hinkley: Nordic ski guru at Webcyclery

More About Bert Hinkley

Bert is one of our ski & wax gurus. Bert comes to us from Vermont, by way of Colorado and New Hampshire. He taught at Proctor Academy in NH for 30 years (but still considers himself a Vermonter). 

He speaks a little Czech, and has done his fair share of coaching both alpine and nordic skiing. Bert rides a Scott Foil road bike and a Ritchey Swiss Cross for his gravel bike. Bert has a whole crap-ton of skis - cold skis, warm skis, wet skis, dry skis, fast skis, slow skis. etc.  If you wanna get technical, come talk to Bert.  

Bert tried to retire a couple years ago, but somehow we were lucky enough to talk him in to working 2-3 days a week in the winter. As a side note, Bert's son was a combined skier and on the US Ski team.