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Swix Plexi Scraper
$7.00 - $8.00
- Great for wax removal from bases. - Handy cutout hole for hanging when not in use. - Available in 3mm or 4mm thicknesses.
Solda Techno Ski Wax
$12.00 - $20.00
- High quality wide range training and ski prep wax from Solda. - Sold in 250g and 500g blocks. Red Snow temp -3 to -10C Air temp +1 to -14C Green Snow temp. -10 to -20C Air temp. -6 to -24C
Fischer Water Bottle Holder
$18.71 $24.95 25% Savings
- The Fischer Drinkbelt provides convenient hydration for nordic excursions. - Adjustable waist belt provides custom adjustment for all sizes. - Zippered accessory pocket provides handy storage. - Reflective piping for added visibility. - Padded back panel provides good comfort. - Elastic retaining strap keeps bottle secure. - Supplied with a .75L water bottle.
Bjorn Daehlie Polyknit Hat
$24.95 - $25.00
- Perfect hat for all types of skiing activities. - Good shape that is suitable for nearly all heads. - Lightweight and flexible. - Water repellant. - Flat lock stitching for comfort. - Stretchy and breathable.
Solda F31 Ski Wax
$45.00 - $120.00
- Solda's F31 glide wax is one of the fastest high-flourine waxes available. - Excels in high humidity (>60%). - Can be used alone or as a base for pure fluorocarbons. - Available in 60g, 180g, and 250g blocks. Yellow: -1° to +1°C, 30° to 34°F For snow conditions near or above freezing. Works best in melting and transformed snow. Pink: -6° to 0°C, 21° to 32°F F31 Pink is unbeatable in new snow. New snow falls most often in the 21-32 degree temperature range with high humidity, and this wax is designed specifically for these conditions. Orange: -6° to -1°C, 21° to 30°F F31 Orange is the old snow complement to F31 Pink. Though these two waxes have similar temperature ranges, the Pink is for new snow, while the Orange excels in older and transformed snow. This wax works very well on snow that has frozen overnight, but is warming up during the day. Red: -10° to -2°C, 14° to 27°F For new or non completely transformed snow in 30-60% humidity. Violet: -10° to -6°C, 14° to 21°F The most used base wax in the SOLDA wax box. A great wax in new or old snow with high humidity. Green: -20° to -11°C, -4° to 14°F An excellent choice for colder temperatures. Excels at fast speed.
Bliz ProFlip Max
- Radically designed with functionality beyond your imagination. - Used extensively by both amateurs and elite racers in cross-country skiing and biathlon. - Offers great protection and flexibility in the most varying weather conditions. - Foldable visor can be flipped up or down, allowing you to adjust the amount of protection against snow and wind. - Perfect for varying weather conditions involving heavy snowfall. - Foldable design also prevents the lens from fogging. - Removable sweatbar in moisture-absorbing foam prevents sweat from reaching your eyes, letting you maintain clear vision during high-exertion activities. - Includes extra clear lens and extra brown lens for excellent vision in all kinds of light conditions. - Supplied with a protective case and cleaning cloth. - Pro-Flip OTG (Over the Glasses) model is specially designed for being worn over your regular glasses.
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