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Swix Plexi Scraper
$7.00 - $8.00
- Great for wax removal from bases. - Handy cutout hole for hanging when not in use. - Available in 3mm or 4mm thicknesses.
Solda Techno Ski Wax
$12.00 - $20.00
- High quality wide range training and ski prep wax from Solda. - Sold in 250g and 500g blocks. Red Best for +1ºC to -14ºC Green Best for -6ºC to -24ºC
WebCyclery Team Sock
- Custom Webcyclery Team socks from SockGuy. - Comfortable, high performance socks for athletes. - Compression ribbing cuff helps prevent fatigue by increasing blood flow. - Snug arch support hugs foot for maximum comfort and eliminates slip. - Mesh upper provides air flow ventilation. - Streamlined friction-free sole to prevent chafing. - High stress toe and heel areas are reinforced for superior durability. - Available in two styles, black with vertical Webcyclery logo with stripe on cuff or black with horizontal stripes and Webcyclery on cuff. - 5" cuff length. - Available in S/M and L/XL. - 75% Polypro, 15% Nylon, 10% Spandex. - Made in USA. Sizing: S/M - US 5-9 EUR 37-42 L/XL - US 9-13 EUR 43-48
Syncros Trail Fender
- The Syncros Trail Fender keeps dirt out of your face! - Fits on Fox 34 Boost and 36 Boost forks. - Mounts with two screws (included) that fit into the back of the fork arch. - Clean, simple, and light. - Available in black only.
Bjorn Daehlie Polyknit Hat
$24.95 - $25.00
- Perfect hat for all types of skiing activities. - Good shape that is suitable for nearly all heads. - Lightweight and flexible. - Water repellant. - Flat lock stitching for comfort. - Stretchy and breathable.
Fischer Water Bottle Holder
- The Fischer Drinkbelt provides convenient hydration for nordic excursions. - Adjustable waist belt provides custom adjustment for all sizes. - Zippered accessory pocket provides handy storage. - Reflective piping for added visibility. - Padded back panel provides good comfort. - Elastic retaining strap keeps bottle secure. - Supplied with a .75L water bottle.
WebCyclery Flatbrim Flexfit Hat
- Custom WebCyclery Flatbrim Flexfit hats. - Stay fashionable and up to date while repping Webcyclery. - Available in SM/MD and LG/XL.
ISC Racers Tape Helicopter Tape
$30.00 - $40.00
This is the original 'Helicopter Tape'. Surface Protection Tape is a clear protective urethane film that is virtually invisible to the naked eye. Surface Protection will protect any surface that is prone to scratching, chipping, and weathering. A bullet proof, clear film that provides indestructible protection. Surface Protection has a semi permanent adhesive, with a removable release liner. Surface Protection Tape provides excellent protection against ultra violet light, temperature extremes and automotive solvents. Will not yellow over time. Be sure to take note that Surface Protection Tape is made of Polyurethane Material, not PVC or Vinyl. These other types don't conform well, and also cannot, will not, take the abuse that polyurethane will. We use it on the bottom of our downtubes, chainstays, seatstays, and anywhere cables and hoses rub. 8 - mil thickness - Crystal clear, thin, very conformable, and easy to remove over time. Can be trimmed to fit any application. We figure a 12 foot roll should cover 3 or 4 bikes. Available in 2" and 4" rolls.
TrashZen Your Complete Guide to Trials Riding
- This beautifully illustrated book is the most complete guide you will find anywhere to learn about the techniques of bike trials. - Essential reading for new trials riders and anyone with an interest in the elaborate and sometimes counter-intuitive techniques of Trials Riding. - Developed through many years of research and editing by Julien Happich, the webmaster of the popular trials tutorial website TrashZen. - Full color 288-page paperback carefully reviews over 70 trials techniques, from basic bike maneuvering to the most sophisticated moves as performed by professional riders. - This updated edition features QR codes integrated on the pages to provide you with direct access to relevant slow-motion videos on your smartphone. - It has also been updated with a new section dedicated to street trials techniques. - The book details all the moves step-by-step with numerous photos and tips that will boost both your confidence and riding ability. - Also included are several chapters about the sport's evolution, bike geometry and setup, as well as general preparation advice. - If you've ever been tempted by trials riding or if you are frustrated about having to dismount when you come across single-track obstacles, this guide will offer you an excellent complement of information in order to tune your skills far beyond "business as usual".
Abbey Bike Works Crombie Tool
Here's a super cool tool made right here in Bend, OR. The Crombie Tool is a cassette lockring tool that fits OVER most QR skewers. Brilliant. The Abbey Bike Works Crombie Tool makes for easy cassette changes. This is the single sided versionl with an 8.5” long, 3/8" diameter solid handle. It has a deep Shimano spline. We don't know why any shop or self respecting mechanic wouldn't have one of these in their tool chest.
Solda F31 Ski Wax
$45.00 - $120.00
- Solda's F31 glide wax is one of the fastest high-flourine waxes available. - Excels in high humidity (>60%). - Can be used alone or as a base for pure fluorocarbons. - Same temperature ranges as the F15 line. - Available in 60g, 180g, and 250g blocks. Yellow: -4ºC to +5ºC (25ºF to 41ºF) Ideal for transformed snow in warmer temperatures above and just below freezing. A great spring-like conditions wax. Pink: -9ºC to +2ºC (16ºF to 36ºF) We love this wax in new snow. Great for training on those new snow days that we all dream of. Orange: -9ºC to +2ºC (16ºF to 36ºF) Though Pink and Orange have the same temperature range, the Pink is for new snow, while the Orange excels in older and transformed snow. This wax works very well on snow that has frozen overnight, but is warming up during the day. Red: -13ºC to 0ºC (9ºF to 32ºF) For new or non completely transformed snow in 30-60% humidity. Violet: -14ºC to -4ºC (7ºF to 25ºF) A great wax for new and old snow, medium to high humidity.
Jitsie Dynamic Shinguards
- The Jitsie Dynamic shinguards are innovative lightweight protectors made with the rider in mind. - The 'less-is-more' concept applied throughout the development process has resulted in a great shinguard that sets the standard in bike trial! - Developed and tested with Jitsie Team riders such as Dani Comas. - Constructed with lightweight flexible fabrics for an unrestricted feeling on the bike. - Mesh panel on the rear of the guard for optimal ventilation. - Updated with a lightweight memory foam panel inside a pocket in the shinguard that provides secure protection without being bulky. - Foam panel is removable to allow for easy washing. - High quality lycra and mesh fabrics provide a snug, comfortable, and secure fit. - Available in SM/MD and LG/XL adult sizes that use a 26cm long dense foam plate that protects the most vulnerable areas of the shin. - The Youth size is fitted for small legs (typically under age 11) and features a 20cm long protective plate that is also a bit narrower than the adult size. - Elastic cuffs keep the shinguard nicely in place while riding. - Super light, they are very minimal and easily fit under pants or over tights.
Inspired Arcade Riser Handlebar
- The Inspired Arcade handlebar is the choice of top street trials riders the world over! - Developed and tested in collaboration with team riders Ali C and Sean Watson as part of the Arcade bike development. - High rise geometry gives it a more rise than standard riser bars and really help it to ‘pop’ - perfect for bunny hops, manuals and spins! - 730mm width gives plenty of leverage over the bike meaning you can pick it up and move it around easily and benefit from a better level of control than with narrower bars. - 9 degree back sweep and 5 degree up sweep give a slightly more traditional shape, which many riders find more comfortable. - Extruded from 7050-T6 aluminum, they feature multi-taper wall thicknesses to increase strength in high stress areas without adding any excessive weight. - 31.8mm oversize clamp diameter for increased strength in the center of the bar. - Available in matte black or silver anodized finish with high resolution Inspired graphics.
Bliz ProFlip Max
- Radically designed with functionality beyond your imagination. - Used extensively by both amateurs and elite racers in cross-country skiing and biathlon. - Offers great protection and flexibility in the most varying weather conditions. - Foldable visor can be flipped up or down, allowing you to adjust the amount of protection against snow and wind. - Perfect for varying weather conditions involving heavy snowfall. - Foldable design also prevents the lens from fogging. - Removable sweatbar in moisture-absorbing foam prevents sweat from reaching your eyes, letting you maintain clear vision during high-exertion activities. - Includes extra clear lens and extra brown lens for excellent vision in all kinds of light conditions. - Supplied with a protective case and cleaning cloth. - Pro-Flip OTG (Over the Glasses) model is specially designed for being worn over your regular glasses.
Echo Mark 6 20
- Echo's entry-level 20" bike built around their Mark 6 20" frame. - Quality Echo TR components give it an excellent value. - Redesigned frame features a smaller two-piece bashplate and curved downtube for additional clearance. - Integrated headset is durable and keeps weight and stack height to a minimum. - Now featuring a tapered 1 1/8" to 1.5" headtube that gives additional strength and stiffness to the front end. - Features Echo's new tapered Urban fork that's stiff and strong. - Echo's proven integrated chain tensioners are lightweight and easy to use. - Grippy Maxxis tires provide great traction on obstacles. - Dual Echo TR disc brakes provide good stopping power. - Splined crank/freewheel and rear cog for easy installation and removal. - Black anodized frame with black parts. Geometry: - Wheelbase: 1005mm - Chainstays: 350mm - BB Height: +80mm - Head Angle: 73.5° - Reach: 620mm - Frame Spacing: 116mm
Echo Mark 6 26
- Echo's entry-level 26" bike built around their Mark 6 26" frame. - Stable geometry is great for learning basics as well as progressing to more advanced techniques. - Quality Echo TR components give it an excellent value. - Redesigned frame features a curved downtube for additional clearance and an integrated brake booster for additional braking power. - Integrated headset is durable and keeps weight and stack height to a minimum. - Now featuring a tapered 1 1/8" to 1.5" headtube that gives additional strength and stiffness to the front end. - Features Echo's new tapered Urban fork that's stiff and strong. - Echo's proven integrated chain tensioners are lightweight and easy to use. - Echo TR disc brake in front and TR rim brake in back provide good stopping power. - Splined crank/freewheel and rear cog for easy installation and removal. - Black anodized frame with black parts. Geometry: - Wheelbase: 1075mm - Chainstays: 380mm - BB Height: +65mm - Head Angle: 73.5° - Reach: 675mm - Frame Spacing: 135mm
Fatback Bikes Rhino SLX Complete Bike
Everyone hates the “Know it all”, But what about the “Do it all”? The Rhino was conceived from this idea: Let’s make the best all-around, go-anywhere fat bike. Ready for snow, sand, and trails, you can make it fun for your after work ride or a longer bike packing adventure. It had to be lively, balanced, light weight and comfortable, and of course, have clearance for the biggest tires available! - Made with custom 6000 series alloys - Compatible with suspension or rigid forks. - Tapered Head Tube, 44mm Upper Cup, 56mm Lower Cup - Optimized for 1X drive trains - 31.6mm Seatpost - Clearance for 4.8" tires on 100mm rims. - Accommodates 27.5+ and 29+ tires - Sliding dropouts that can be run geared or single speed. We stock the SLX Bluto Rhino bikes but they are also available from Fatback in other parts configurations.
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