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Frame Parts

Zhi Derailleur Hanger
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Replacement derailleur hangers for Zhi frames. - Supplied without mounting bolt.
Woodman Derailleur Hanger
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Replacement derailleur hangers for Woodman frames. - Supplied with mounting bolt.
Monty Derailleur Hangers
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Replacement derailleur hangers for older Monty frames. - Hydra hanger includes mounting screws, hangers 1 and 2 include mounting bolts (not pictured).
Koxx Level Boss Derailleur Hanger
$5.00 $10.00 50% Off
- Spare hangers to fit Koxx Level Boss frames. - Supplied without mounting bolt.
Inspired Element/2009-2010 Fourplay Derailleur Hanger
- Replacement hanger to fit 2009-2010 Inspired Fourplay and Element frames. - Available in silver only. - Includes fixing bolt.
Inspired Fourplay/Skye Tensioner Mount
- Replacement high quality, CNC-machined aluminum tensioner mount from Inspired. - Fits 2014 and newer Inspired Fourplay frames and Inspired Skye V3 frames only. - Includes fixing bolts. - Available in black only.
Inspired Hex/Fourplay Derailleur Hanger
- Replacement derailleur hanger from Inspired. - Fits Inspired 2013-2016 Hex, 2011-2013 Fourplay, and 2016 Element frames. - High quality, CNC machined aluminum alloy hanger. - Does NOT include fixing bolt. - Available in black only.
Inspired Skye V2/V3 Rear Axle
- High quality replacement axle assembly to fit Inspired Skye V2 and V3 frames only. - Hard anodized silver finish. - Does not include tapered wedge and bolt. - Sold singly.
Echo Derailleur Hanger
Derailleur hangers snap pretty regularly when you get into trials. You might hit it on a ledge or when you jump from obstacle to obstacle. It's always advised to have a spare hanger on hand, so you can get back on your bike in 5 minutes. - Break a derailleur hanger on your Echo frame? These are what you need. - Compatible with all vertical dropout 2005-2010 Echo, Zoo!, Adamant, Czar, and GU frames. - Supplied with mounting bolt.
Echo Integrated Tensioner Bolt
- Replacement integrated tensioner bolt for 2011 and newer Echo, ZOO, GU, and Czar frames. - Steel construction for maximum durability. - M5 thread - 25mm length - Sold individually
Crewkerz Thru-Axle
$30.00 - $34.00
- Replacement thru-axle for Crewkerz hubs. - Compatible with Crewkerz frames and forks only. - High quality aluminum construction. - Fitting for T-40 Torx wrench for easy adjustment and less chance of stripping than a standard allen key fitting. - Available in 9mm front or 12mm rear. - Anodized red finish. - Sold individually.
Inspired XL Logo Chainstay Protector
- Velcro fastening for quick and easy fitting. - Made from neoprene, highly rip and tear resistant, the best material for the job. - Length and depth designed specifically to fit Inspired chainstays perfectly but will also fit other frames. - Double stitching at each end of the velrco strips ensures maximum life. - Large and durable screen printed XL Inspired logo. - 185mm length. - Available in black with white or fluro yellow logo.
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