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Swix KR Klisters
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- Swix KR klisters are grip in a tube! - 55g tube. KR20 Green Base -25°C to -3°C (-13°F to 27°F) To be used as a first layer as a binder for other klisters or hardwaxes in very abrasive conditions. Can also be used alone for icy conditions at very cold temperatures. KR30 Blue -15°C to 0°C (5°F to 32°F) A bit more versatile than the green klister. Blue does double duty as a binder or by itself when you can see your reflection in the ice, er, snow. KR35 Violet Special -4°C to +1°C (25°F to 34°F). For wet to frozen corn snow. KR40 Violet/Blue -7°C to +2°C (19°F to 36°F). A tough klister for old granular, coarse snow. To be used alone or as base klister for VR45/VR50. KR50 Violet Flexi -4°C to +3°C (25°F to 37°F). Very adaptable, works on both sides of freezing. Ideally it is best on the cold side of freezing, but also when conditions are changeable and mixed with fine grained snow. KR60 Red Vario 0°C to 5°C (32°F to 41°F). For medium wet snow on the warm side of freezing. KR70 Orange/Aqua 2°C to 12°C (36°F to 52°F). Wet-snow klister used when the snow is slushy and has a high water content and the air temperature is well above freezing.
Swix KX Klisters
- Swix KX klisters are grip in a tube! - Heat the tube slightly for easier application. - By “edging” the waxing iron you get a controlled equal distribution of the klister. - Scraper included. - 55g tube. KX20 Green Base Base klister for cold and warm conditions. To be used as the first layer for better adhesion of other klisters to the base. High wear resistance on ice and hard coarse snow. Always apply indoors with a waxing iron at 110°C (230°F). KX30 Blue -12°C to 0°C (10°F to 32°F) For coarse snow/hard tracks and icy conditions. Excellent on hard packed coarse cold snow, but can also be an alternative to KX20 as base klister. It is easier to apply than KX20. In racing KX30 is often used as the “in between” klister on top of KX20, but rarely used as the last layer due to the preparation of the tracks. Great skiing on cold mornings after it has been wet the day before. KX35 Violet Special -4°C to +1°C (25°F to 34°F). Excellent klister on transformed cold coarse corn snow that is starting to get wet. Works well as a midlayer klister applied on base klister to keep the top layer klister from sliding back into the glide zone. KX40S Silver -4°C to +2°C (25°F to 36°F). Developed for transformed and fine grained snow. Very good when warmer than 0°C on relatively fine grained snow. The klister that goes the farthest into dry snow without icing! KX45 Violet -2°C to +4°C (28°F to 39°F). Great all around klister. For wet coarse snow as well as frozen corn snow. KX65 Red +1°C to +5°C (34°F to 41°F). For wet and moist coarse corn snow. KX75 Red Extra +2°C to 15°C (36°F to 59°F). Wet snow klister. Used when the snow has a high water content such as slush, and the air temperature is well above freezing. A good late spring klister.
Swix Quick Klister
- Swix Quick Klisters are a great option for touring skiers searching for fast and convenient wax with reliable kick performance. - Ideal for applying when you need more wax on the trail. - Quick and easy application: push the applicator against the base in the kick zone and rub out. - 150ml/5 fl. oz. K65 Universal -5ºC to +10ºC (23ºF to 50ºF) K70 Red 0°C to +15°C (32°F to 59°F) For very wet granular snow
Swix Universal Klister
- Universal klister from Swix for recreational and racing skiers. - Supplied with scraper. - 55g tube. K21S Universal Silver -5°C to +3°C (23°F to 37°F). A very flexible klister that works on both sides of freezing when conditions are changing between coarse and transformed moist to wet fine grained snow. Performs better on finer snow than K22 VM. K22 Universal VM -3°C to +10°C (27°F to 50°F) A very popular and flexible klister for coarse, granular snow changing from wet to crust. Improved flexibility on fine-grained moist snow, without icing up. Improved grip on wet, coarse-grained snow. To be applied as the final layer of klister.
Swix Nero Universal Klister
- Swix Nero universal klister. - Handles changing snow conditions very well and has great anti-icing properties. - Collects significantly less dirt from the snow than traditional klisters. - Provides a secure kick over longer time than traditional klisters, due to its special formulation. - Great for training and competition. KN33: -7°C to 1°C KN44: -3°C to 5°C
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