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Singlespeed Cogs

White Industries Splined Fixed Cogs
- Fized gear cogs with White Industries custom spline interface. - Spline interface eliminates the problem of stripping out threads on standard track cogs/hubs. - Made from 8620 case hardened steel with an electroless nickel finish for maximum durability. - 3/32 width only. - Designed to be used with a standard English 1.29 x 24 tpi threaded lock ring. - Compatible with White Industries hubs only.
Chris King Splined Cog
- Chris King cogs are our favorite SS cog on the market. - Wide 5mm base helps prevent the cog from digging into your freehub body. - Made from heat-treated steel and then bead-blasted, which gives them a nice finish and great durability. - Made in Oregon, USA.
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