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Salsa Kids's Bikes

These kid's-sized mountain bikes are a young rider's dream. They'll love the cool colors and big tires and you'll appreciate buying a high quality kid's bike that will last and bring smiles. Whether your little one wants to shred trail or jump curbs in the neighborhood, they'll have a ton of fun on these Salsa kid's bikes.

Salsa Journeyman 24
Journeyman 24 brings gravel and mixed-surface riding to younger riders and families who want to venture out together. The confidence-boosting geometry is perfect for riders beginning to explore the world on two wheels, whether riding or racing gravel, bikepacking or just exploring the bikeways around town. Journeyman 24 offers smaller riders a legitimate all-road cycling experience with tires capable of mixed terrain, a wide-range drivetrain, and plentiful cargo mounting points.
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