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Jitsie Pivotal Saddle & Seatpost
- The Jitsie pivotal saddle with seat post is specifically designed for the Varial frame and allows for a more street style setup for your Jitsie Varial bike. - Uses a clever wedge expansion system to secure the post into the frame without a traditional seat post clamp. - Easy installation with an allen key. - 210mm length and 115mm width is perfect for those looking for a lower profile, smaller saddle. - Forged alloy post is light and strong. - Plastic bumpers at the front and back of the saddle help protect it from impacts. - 25.4mm post is compatible with Jitsie Varial frames and any other frames using a 25.4mm seatpost. - 150mm long post (can be raised a maximum of 80mm above frame). - Saddle is compatible with all Pivotal posts, and the expanding Pivotal post is compatible with all Pivotal saddles.
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