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Jitsie Rubber Grips
$10.00 - $13.00
- The Jitsie rubber grips offer great performance for even the most demanding riders. - Durable single layer rubber compound with grippy knurled design for optimal grip. - Jitsie print detail on end of each grip. - Rubber ends help protect bar from damage. Please Note: the clear rubber compound is softer and a bit lighter than the other colors, so if you're looking for comfort or are concerned with weight, we recommend the clear grips.
Jitsie Foam Grips
- The Jitsie foam grips provide great control and comfort on the bike. - Super lightweight and also very comfortable. - Dense foam/rubber compound gives a good mixture of comfort and durability. - Includes handlebar plugs with Jitsie print detail.
Jitsie Bar Tape
- The Jitsie handlebar tape is a great alternative to traditional rubber or foam grips. - Bar tape allows the thickness and width of your grips to be customized to your own preference. - Strong, super tacky rubber with adhesive backing allows you to tightly wrap the tape onto your bars, overlapping it as much or as little as you prefer to achieve the desired thickness. - 1.3 meter long roll is sufficient for two fairly thick grips (if you prefer thin grips, it may be enough for 4 grips). - Available in black with white logos. - Kit includes: 2 rolls of bar tape, 2 adhesive strips and covering strips (to help cover the ends of the tape) and a pair of plastic bar plugs.
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