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20" Tires

Jitsie Ziggy 20
- Affordable 20" tire from Jitsie. - Good mix of durability and performance. - Works well as a front tire on adult bikes as well as front or rear on kids bikes that use a 20" rear wheel. - Classic block tread pattern grips well on all surfaces. - Tire is designed to work in both directions. - Sticky rubber compound ensures good grip. - Wire bead keeps cost down and ensures a secure fit with the rim. - Available in 20 x 2.25 size. Please Note: Tires may not have Jitsie logos.
Jitsie Reverz 20
- Developed and tested by Jitsie team riders Dani Comas and Alejandro Montalvo. - Good mix of durability and performance and low weight. - Exclusive Jitsie tread pattern ensures maximum grip and minimal rolling resistance. - Tire is designed to work in both directions. - Super sticky lightweight rubber compound ensures maximum grip. - Low block tread design helps save weight. - Generous spacing between center and outer knobs helps shed mud. - Siping on tread blocks reduces weight further as well as improves grip by allowing the blocks to conform to uneven surfaces. - Folding bead. - Jitsie logos and product info on tire. - Available in 20 x 2.0 size.
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