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Orange Seal Endurance Tire Sealant

Orange Seal Endurance Tire Sealant
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Tubeless tire sealant developed by Orange Seal for extended endurance.

- Consists of multiple sizes and shapes of solid particles Orange Seal calls "nanites". When a puncture occurs, the nanites quickly seal the hole keeping the air in the tire and you rolling down the trail or road.
- Orange Seal uses a proprietary premium latex developed to co-exist with the "nanites" and clot the puncture at warp speed. The mixture has a long life span and is sustainable at extreme altitude and temperatures.
- Contains planet friendly biodegradable ingredients.
- Proven to seal up to 1/4inch tire punctures.
- Endurance sealant is specially formulated to maximize longevity, enabling riders to go up to three times longer between top-offs.
- Sold in 8oz bottle.

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