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Chain Tensioners

Trialtech Tensioner Spring
- Replacement spring for the Trialtech Single Sided Tensioner. - Extra strong tension to keep the chain tight and the tensioner from bouncing. - Ideal if your spring has broken or become worn out. - May also fit other sprung tensioners. - Sold singly.
Trialtech Race Chain Tugs
- 10mm chain tugs from Trialtech. - Fits most 20" mod bikes and some 26" bikes. - CNC machined aluminum construction, with M6 threaded bar to keep weight down while maintaining maximum functionality. - Guides on the main body prevent the tug from rotating when tightening the axle bolts. - Sold as a pair.
Trialtech Sport Lite Snail Cam
- Lightweight alloy snail cams from Trialtech. - CNC machined from 7075 aluminum. - Anodized gloss black finish with machined pocket gives the Sport Lite snail cam a unique and classy appearance. - Aggressive design of the notches means that once you have reached your desired chain tension, the wheel is securely held in that position. - Will fit most bikes with a 10mm axle designed to work with snail cam tensioners. - Sold individually, allowing you to mix and match to your personal preference.
Trialtech Single Sided Sprung Tensioner
$35.00 - $50.00
- Light sprung chain tensioner from Trialtech. - Single speed specific chain tensioner. - Constructed from high grade aluminum alloy, spring steel and chromed steel. - Multi coil spring to prevent loss of tension over time, a common problem with other tensioners. - Single sided cage design saves weight and allows the chain to be taken off quickly for easier wheel fitting/removal. - Runs on two plastic jockey wheels for minimum noise. - Slim design to help reduce the chance of damage during riding. - Adjustable chain line ensures compatibility with most setups. - Custom mount design allows the tensioner to be tightened securely against the hanger without requiring the delicate positioning tab that can be damaged or limit performance on competitor's products. - The model without hanger mount fits 2014 Fourplay Tensioner Mounts and Trialtech Sport Sprung Tensioner arms. - The model with hanger mount fits all frames with a standard derailleur hanger. - Gloss black anodized finish.
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