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26" Rear Rims

Jitsie Single Wall 26
- Super lightweight 26" rear rim from Jitsie. - Constructed from high quality 6061 T6 aluminum for improved durability and brake performance. - Un-eyeletted design and single wall construction save weight. - 48mm width provides excellent stability and helps prevent tire roll. - Custom large parallelogram holes keep the weight to a minimum. - "H" shaped rim profile improves strength and stiffness of sidewalls. - Large sidewall area for maximum brake pad contact. - Available in 32 hole spoke drilling only. - Anodized black finish with Jitsie stickers around valve holes. Please Note: Due to the profile of these rims, the ridge near the spoke holes can make it difficult to fit a spoke wrench on standard length nipples. Because of this, we recommend lacing these rims with 14mm or 16mm long nipples.
Crewkerz WAW 26
- Lightweight single wall rear rim from Crewkerz as found on their high end complete bikes. - Single wall profile reduces unnecessary weight. - Wide rim profile provides excellent stability at low tire pressures and reduces tire roll. - "H" shaped rim profile improves strength and stiffness. - Unique asymmetrical holes save weight over traditional rim designs. - High grade aluminum improves brake performance when the rim is ground. - 9.5mm sidewall area for good brake pad contact. - Offset spoke holes allow for a stiffer, stronger wheelbuild. - Available with anodized black finish in 32h drilling only.
Trialtech Carthy Signature Series 26
- Designed completely from scratch by Trialtech to provide a new level of stiffness and rigidity in trials rims whilst maintaining the lowest possible weight. - Tested and developed in competition by World Champion Jack Carthy and on street by Joe Prattley. - Unique un-drilled double wall design gives unrivaled strength and stiffness compared to competitor’s single wall rims (up to 3 times more lateral stiffness!). - Custom butted center section adds strength around the spoke holes for improved durability. - 48mm wide profile provides excellent anti-roll performance even at low tire pressures. - Sleeved joint helps maintain concentricity and maximizes strength. - Available in sandblast black anodized finish with Trialtech laser etched logos. - 32h spoke drilling only. - For use with rim or disc brakes.
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