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Magura HS33 Brake Lever

Magura HS33 Brake Lever
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- Replacement Magura HS33 brake lever.
- Lever body made of Magura's proprietary Carbotecture, which is both light and strong.
- New forged aluminum lever blade is similar to the ones found on their MT range of disc brakes.
- 2-finger lever blade is wider and has a more rounded profile than previous models.
- Split handlebar clamp allows easy installation without removing grips.
- New TPA system is made from steel to improve durability, and has indexed 90° turns to eliminate unwanted movement.
- Fully adjustable lever reach provided by T25 screw in the front of the lever blade.
- Flip-flop design allows the lever to be used as left or right hand.
- Shroud nut and cover included.
- Bleeding is the same as the 2005-2010 brakes: simply attach a full syringe to the slave cylinder, remove the bleed screw in the lever, then push fluid through from the bottom. Please note that a regular bleed hose will NOT screw into the bleed port, trying to do so will damage the threads.

Also Note: Correct installation of the split clamp lever requires the bolt with the arrows pointing towards it to be gently tightened first until the gap is closed, then the other bolt should be tightened down. There should be a gap of around 2-3mm when the lever is tight on the bars. Over-tightening the bolts or not following this procedure is likely to crack the lever clamp, which is not covered under warranty!

Part Numbers

4055184008478 2700304 MAG41761214K