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Solda HP05 S30 Mix

Solda HP05 S30 Mix
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- Solda's powder mix of HP05 and S-30.
- A useful combination of two waxes that compliment each other and consistently work well together.
- Solda HP05 is a fast fluorocarbon wax that repels dirt, is long-lasting, and adapts extremely well to changing conditions, like from cold to warmer snow.
- Solda S-30 is a great base hardener for very cold snow and is often used as a base for HP05 when the overnight temperature is very low but is expected to warm up by race time.
- A great option for races that involve cold and medium-cold snow and medium to low humidity (which can be among the trickiest conditions to wax for).
- Available in two different combinations: 50/50% mix and 70/30% mix (70% HP05/30% S-30), which Solda now packages as HP07.
- Sold in 20g powder container.

50/50 mix: -25°C to -10°C (-11°F to +14°F)
Humidity: 25-80%
Best for very cold snow that's warming up.

HP07 (70/30 mix): -20°C to -6°C (-4°F to +21°F)
Humidity: 35-90%
Ideal for cold snow that's warming up or cold humid snow.

Part Numbers

Option MPN Store SKU
50/50 Mix 20g 0728 SOL19685767G
HP07 (70/30 Mix) 20g 0729 SOL19808810G