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Pure FluoroCarbon Waxes

Solda Powerjet Ski Waxes
$16.00 - $92.00
These convenient solids are great for rubbing onto your skis just before the start. You rub the solid onto your ski, cork in, then brush. It is quick and easy to use - and you don't have to worry about spills. This 5 gram size is good for waxing 5-8 pairs of skis. (We also have the 22 gram size, good for 30-50 pair of skis.) SOLDA PowerJet 1 (21 to 34F) PowerJet 1, formerly Solid Fluor, is a solid version of SOLDA Fluor 100. It is nearly 100% fluorocarbon. Very fast in warmer conditions in both old and new snow with high humidity. SOLDA PowerJet 2 (14 to 21F) PowerJet 2 is the colder companion to PowerJet 1. This solid fluoro shares many of the same performance characteristics of HP05. Easy to apply, it can be ironed or corked in. If the race morning temperature is very cold, but you expect it to warm up, we recommend corking in a layer of PowerJet 2 over a warmer wax to get you through those first few cold kilometers. SOLDA PowerJet 3 (-4 to 19F) PowerJet 3 (formerly known as Speed Cold) is a non-fluorocarbon synthetic compound which is faster than fluoros in cold, dry snow. A perfect last-minute solution when you get to a race site and realize that you have waxed too warm. SOLDA PowerJet 4 Carbon Speed Enhancer. Rub onto dry, base-prepped skis then cork and brush. Use as top layer or as an under layer for fluorocarbon. Can be used in combinations with SOLDA HPO5 or Fluor in spray or powder. PowerJet Carbon 4 has a wide range of use: 9 to 25 F (-13 to -4C), Humidity: 30% - 100%, making it an ideal option in almost all snow and humidity conditions. PowerJet 5 Very Warm. Solid Fluor for very warm, wet, spring snow conditions. Buy a 3-pack of 1, 3 and 4 and save a few bucks.
Solda HP05 S30 Mix
Why an HPO5 and S-30 Mix? HPO5 was the top layer for the Italian winners and a number of other top performers at the 2005 American Birkie. HPO5 is a fluorocarbon wax (available in powder or spray form) that adapts extremely well to changing conditions, like from cold to warmer snow, cold humid snow or a mix of dry and moist snow. It's fast, repels dirt and remains fast the entire race. SOLDA S-30 is a great synthetic wax (base hardener) for very cold snow and is often used as a base for HPO5 when the overnight temperature is very low, (but is expected to warm up by race time and/or the snow's humidity or water content will increase). The conclusion: The two waxes always compliment each other and they consistently work well together. When your next race involves cold and medium cold snow and medium to low humidity (amongst the trickiest conditions to wax for), consider SOLDA HPO5 and S-30 Mix. Your great glide will be the envy of all! Use the 50/50 mix for very cold snow that's warming up. -11 to +14°F (-25 to -10C); Humidity 25 to 80% Use the 70/30 (70 HP05, 30 S-30) for cold snow that's warming up or cold humid snow. -4 to +21F (-20 to -6C); Humidity 35 to 90%
Solda Fluor 100
$80.00 - $135.00
Solda Fluor 100 powder is a pure fluorocarbon powder for warm snow (snow temp -5 to +1C). It is especially good in falling and new snow in that temperature range in high humidity. - Spray version can also be used as a high performance substitute for Zero Spray.
Solda HP04
$80.00 - $135.00
After 4 years the word is still that for the snow that is new, or slightly transformed in snow temps that are 32 to 18F (0 to -8C) in high humidity, this is the go to top coat. The Italian National Team swears that this is by far the fastest wax for the condition. Air humidity 50-100% ; air temp. 0C / -10°C snow temp. 0°C/- 8°C. 20g or 30g.
Solda HP05
$80.00 - $135.00
An extremely popular top coat because it out-performs everything else on colder transformed snow with high humidity (>50%) in temperatures that are changing. Also excellent on artificial snow. HP05 is consistently one of the fastest waxes at the Birkie, and is very often the top coat found on the winners skis. 100% fluorocarbon compound. Exceptional performances are generated by this stuff on cold snows and with mid air humidity. Snow temps 20 to 5F (-6 to -15C) For hot applications.
Solda HP06
$80.00 - $135.00
Solda HP06 is a fluoro powder that is designed for use when snow temperatures are -10...-20 C (14...-4F). This is really cold snow. When the snow is this cold and the humidity is high waxing is critical. When seconds make a difference in race results skiers want the best wax for the conditions. HP06 increases the SOLDA range for fast skis in these cold damp extremes and there is little movement in air or snow temp throughout the race (cold, cloudy, low wind). HP06 will run well in slightly warmer snowy conditions. For hot application. Available in 20g and 30g powders and 75ml spray bottle.
Solda Fluor Plus Dice
This small package of potential speed is used as a rub-on top coat when it seems that the wax is not running well. It can enrich the fluoro content of low fluor waxes such as Solda F15 waxes. It is the UF7 (universal) of the pure fluor waxes. Terrific for coaches or parents on a budget. It is simple and runs in a wide temperature range. 22g
Swix Cera F Rocket Spray
- Liquid fluorocarbon topping for transformed and fine grained snow. - Used on top of or mixed with Cera F powder. - Can also be used on top of HFX and LFX waxes with good results. - 70ml spray container. Warm -2°C to +10°C (28°F to 50°F) Cold +2°C to -10°C (36°F to 14°F)
Solda HP04 Carbon Powder
Exceptional powder wax designed for dirty snow conditions. - Ideal for use in conditions between Fluor 100 and HP05. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: 50-100% Humidity 0°C to -8°C Snow Temperature 3°C to -11°C Air Temperature
Solda HP05 Carbon Powder
Exceptional powder wax designed for dirty and cold snow conditions. - Ideal for medium to high humidity. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: 50-100% Humidity -8°C to -15°C Snow Temperature -5°C to -18°C Air Temperature
Solda MR Fluor Powder
Exceptional high-fluorinated powder wax designed for marathon races. - Ideal for use in cold, transformed, and semi-transformed snow conditions. - Designed for medium to high humidity. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: 50-110% Humidity -8°C to -15°C Snow Temperature -5°C to -18°C Air Temperature
Solda STR Fluor Powder
Exceptional high-fluorinated powder wax designed for use in coastal areas. - Ideal for use in areas near the ocean or sea that experience winds with high salt content. - Designed for medium to high humidity. - For hot applications. - Sold in 30g Container. Recommended for: 50-110% Humidity -0°C to -8°C Snow Temperature 3°C to -11°C Air Temperature
Swix Cera F Powder
- Swix's Cera F wax is a pure fluorocarbon specially formulated for use on ski bases. - Extremely low surface tension, high resistance to dirt absorption, and very high water repellancy. - Works very well in a wide range of conditions and temperatures. - Sold in 30g powder. FC4X Green -10°C to -20°C (14°F to -4°F) FC5X Turquoise -3°C to -15°C (27°F to 5°F) FC6X Blue -1°C to -10°C (30°F to 14°F) FC7X Violet +2°C to -6°C (36°F to 21°F) FC8X Red +4°C to -4°C. (39°F to 25°F) FC10X Yellow 0°C to +15°C (32°F to 59°F)
START N1 Fluor Liquid
$185.00 $245.00 24% Savings
N-line gliders are new technology nano fluorgliders. These special gliders are suitable for high humidity, and wet snow conditions. - For wet snow, can be used under powder,or on top of the powder. +10°...+1°C (50°...34°F) 75%...100% humidity
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