Solda S-30 Cold Powder

Solda S-30 Cold Powder
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Solda S30 Powder works as a base hardener. It is a synthetic hydrocarbon powder that has a number of uses. Primarily it is used in very cold, dry conditions. At temperatures near 0F the S30 is a good top coat over Solda F15 Green. S30 is also used as a base wax in cold, older snow. When snow temperatures are below 26F S30 often enhances glide and durability when mixed with the appropritate wax for the temperature. In this case apply the S30 with an iron set at 270F. Scrape the wax while it is still warm and do not brush. Then apply wax of the day over that and iron it together. Scrape and brush. Alpine racers often treat the base near the steel edge with S30 to harden the base against abrasive, artificial snow. 40g

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0730 SOL21253390G


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