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Swix CH-X Hydrocarbon Wax

Swix CH-X Hydrocarbon Wax
  • Color: CH4X Green
  • Color: CH5X Turquoise
  • Color: CH6X Blue
  • Color: CH7X Violet
  • Color: CH8X Red
  • Color: CH10X Yellow
$12.00 - $13.00
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Swix CH-X wax is an economic training and racing wax as well as an all round base prep wax.

CH4 Green
-12ºC to -32ºC (10ºF to -26ºF). For extreme cold conditions, can be used alone as a race wax when the air humidity is low. Performs very well on artificial snow and has great durability. Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC.

CH5 Turquoise
-8ºC to -14ºC (18ºF to 7ºF). New in the CH line, it fills a hardness gap between CH4 and CH6. Easier to apply than CH4, but provides outstanding glide properties within its temperature range, and has a great durability. Recommended iron temperature of 150ºC.

CH6 Blue
-5ºC to -10ºC (23ºF to 14ºF). Very good as a base layer for other waxes. Also a very good training and racing wax alone in low humidity conditions. At this temperature range the addition of synthetic waxes increase the resistance against wear on aggressive man-made snow. Recommended iron temperature setting of 145ºC.

CH7 Violet
-2ºC to -8ºC (28ºF to 18ºF). A new and improved wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. Recommended iron temperature setting of 140ºC.

CH8 Red
+4ºC to -4ºC (39ºF to 25ºF). Used very often as a wax for training, traveling and cleaning. Recommended iron temperature setting of 130ºC.

CH10 Yellow
+10ºC to 0ºC (50ºF to 32ºF). For very wet conditions. Also good for base preparation and to protect the bases when traveling. Recommended iron temperature setting of 120ºC.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
CH4X Green 7045951823714 CH04X-6 SWI22906080G
CH5X Turquoise 7045951823721 CH05X-6 SWI25181700G
CH6X Blue 7045951823738 CH06X-6 SWI2067100G
CH7X Violet 7045951823745 CH07X-6 SWI21957590G
CH8X Red 7045951823752 CH08X-6 SWI18690781G
CH10X Yellow 7045951823769 CH10X-6 SWI23851914G