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White Lightning Clean Ride
$7.99 - $11.99
Clean Ride is White Lightning's legendary self-cleaning lube. By creating a dry, waxy film on your chain this lube doesn't attract dirt and grime like traditional oil based lubricants. Should dirt work its way onto your chain or gears Clean Ride's self-cleaning action is activated causing small particles of wax to break free, taking the riff-raff with it. Not only will you spend less time cleaning your chain, you'll enhance the lifespan of your drivetrain, too!
Swix Roadline C2 Classic Rollerskis
- One of the all-time best selling classic rollerskis from Swix. - The training choice of many elite skiers. - The wheels on this ski have been designed to provide the closest experience you can get to being on-snow. - Wide 50mm rubber wheels offer exceptional vibration absorption. - Rear wheel contains a ratcheting mechanism that only rolls forward, enabling the athlete to “kick” as in classic skiing on snow. - Pre-drilled for screw-on rollerski bindings. - Wheel diameter: 67 mm, wheel width: 50 mm. - Ski length: 790 mm. We offer free installation of your bindings when you order them at the same time as your rollerskis. Just leave us a note in the comments when you order rollerskis and bindings.
Solda HP05
$80.00 - $135.00
- High performance racing additive from Solda. - 100% fluorocarbon compound that delivers top performance on colder transformed snow in medium to high humidity. - Also performs very well on artificial snow and in temperatures that are changing. - Consistently one of the fastest waxes at the Birkie. - Available in 20g or 30g powder or 75ml spray. Recommend for: Temperature: -18°C to -5°C (0°F to 23°F) Humidity: 50-100%
Louis Garneau Women's Course Element Tights
Finding the right wax for cross-country skiing is one thing, finding the right clothing combination in cold weather is another. For sure, the Women's Course Element Tights will prove ideal for all your winter training sessions in moderate to deep cold temperatures. The wind-breaking membrane at the front of the legs and calves is combined with a stretchable brushed fabric covering the back of the thighs. With a close-to-the-body yet not-too-snug fit and soft inner face, these tights can be worn with a base layer or comfortably on their own. Perfect for warming up before winter sports competition or post-training, they are also great for intense activities such as running in the reduced winter daylight with reflective dots and asymmetrical reflective piping. A single zipped pocket allows you to secure items on-the-go. - Vertexx lining: Stretchability and thermoregulation - Supra WindDry: 4-way stretch 3-ply softshell with breathable, windproof, and warmth properties - Windproof brushed fabric at front and lower back of calves protects from the elements and blocks snow splashing back on legs - 2 front pockets with zip - HugFit waist with elastic drawstring evenly distributes pressure around the waist for a comfortable fit - 11-inch / 28cm ankle zips add comfort and allow easy removal
SRAM GX 2x10 Front Derailleur (Low Direct-mount, Dual-pull)
SRAM's low-profile GX 2x10 Front Derailleur was designed specifically around SRAM X-GLIDE shifting. This stiff, strong front derailleur provides, crisp, precise action for fast, smooth and reliable shifting season in and season out.
Lezyne Zecto Max Drive Rear
High visibility is a must for anyone who spends a lot of time riding on roads. Lezyne's Zecto Drive Max 250 rear light ensures you are well seen in from the rear, day or night. With eight total modes from long-lasting economy mode to the 250-lumen output Daytime Flash mode, you can tailor this light's output to suit your needs at any time. It's ultra-compatc design features durable composite matrix construction with a machined aluminum faceplate and a versatile 2-in-1 clip and strap mounting system. - Micro-USB rechargeable
Fischer Race Pro Classic IFP Binding
- Top of the line race classic binding from Fischer. - Uses Fischer's completely redesigned Turnamic binding system. - Individual adjustments are possible within a matter of seconds without any tools. - Sliding the binding forward provides more grip, while sliding it back will noticeably improve glide. - Double locking clip for easy and safe fixation and adjustment of the binding on the IFP (Integrated Fixation Plate). - Adjustable heel section where the boot size is pre-selected using snap hooks on the heel rails. - Low profile binding height ensures a low standing position and maximum stability. - Classic flexor developed for classic technique is pre-loaded for the best ski control and can be changed without any tools. - Broad contact surface and torsionally stiff geometry provides direct power transfer. - Ergonomically designed Turn Lock lever with secure-grip components enables intuitive handling when stepping in and out of the binding.
Pedro's Ice Wax Natural Wax Dry Lube
$12.00 - $40.00
Ice Wax is an advanced natural wax dry chain lube. The biodegradable formula features a solvent-free detergent carrier which goes on wet to penetrate and flush dirt and grime during application. The carrier then evaporates leaving a semi-solid dry wax coating on the surfaces of the chain which provides excellent lubrication, efficiency, and wear protection. Though best in dry conditions the coating of wax also repels water from puddles or stream crossings. - Blocks dirt to keep drivetrain clean and efficient - Advanced biodegradable detergent carrier removes dirt & grime during application - Dries to protective natural wax coating with excellent lubrication properties and durability
Easton EA70 AX 650B Front
Find the road less travelled on the new EA70 AX. Joining forces with the EA70 and EC70 AX Bar in our AX adventure road line, the new EA70 AX wheel has the durability to withstand trail riding but is translated to drop bar applications with center lock hubs and 11-speed road compatibility. From bikepacking adventures loaded with gear, to washboarded gravel descents with only your wheels and tires providing the compliance, we have you covered. The welded tubeless ready rim boasts a generous 24mm internal rim width that increased tire volume and gives an optimal tire profile for 35 to 50C tires. It’s the perfect wheel to round out any adventure drop bar build.
Hutchinson Protect'Air Max Tubeless Sealant
Protect’Air Max is a PH neutral latex-based sealant that can be used for Road Tubeless and MTB tires. It has two functions. When used with Tubeless Ready tires, it seals the casing (MTB or road). Secondly, it acts to repair small (1-2mm) punctures that perforate the casing of the tire. If there is a puncture, the sealant acts to fill the hole and repair the tire. Note: It may not repair larger punctures. Use - For road tires add 30ml of Protect'Air Max - For MTB tires add 40ml of Protect'Air Max - Each 2-3 months, add 10-20 ml to refresh the sealant already in the tire. - 120ml bottle includes one-way valve cap that makes injection through the valve easy without any other tools - Very neutral PH—won't corrode rims
Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS Binding
- The lightweight SNS Pilot Carbon RS binding is designed for maximum power transmission and control for skating. - Designed to maximize transmission efficiency and snow feel with integrated wedge. - Lower heel position optimizes ski acceleration and edge control. - Lightweight lever allows for easy opening and safe closing. - Compatible with SNS Pilot® boots. - Sold as a pair.
Solda Cork Roto Brush
$35.00 - $37.00
- High quality cork roller from Solda. - No seams for smooth operation and polishing. - Great for fluorocarbon application. - We use this after ironing powders, after rubbing on fluoro blocks or after spray-on fluoros have dried. - Available in 100mm and 120mm lengths.
Swix T423 Structure Rollers
- Structure rollers from Swix for the T423 structure tool. - Bearings included. - Sold individually.
Solda Fluor 100
$80.00 - $135.00
- Solda Fluor 100 powder is a pure fluorocarbon powder for warm snow. - It is especially good in falling and new snow in high humidity. - It is also very durable and repels dirt well, meaning you will have unbeatable skis for the entire race. - Spray version can also be used as a high performance substitute for Zero Spray.
Solda Stiff Nylon Roto Brush
$32.00 - $34.00
- Solda's stiff nylon roto brush works best with colder, harder waxes. - Stiff, synthetic nylon bristles. - Available in 100mm and 120mm sizes.
Finish Line Ceramic Wax Lube
$6.99 - $55.99
For a clean, smooth-pedaling drivetrain, look no further than Finish Line's Ceramic Wax Lubricant. Its ceramic bonding technology allows you to greatly extend your re-lubing intervals for maximum durability and convenience. In fact, every time you apply the lube, it builds on the ceramic coating and the result is a chain so slippery even dirt has a hard time sticking! Think efficient. Think quiet. Think Finish Line! - With each application the ceramic coating is enhanced, ultimately providing the durability of many oil-based lubricants - No wetness or stickiness so dirt and grime will not be attracted or absorbed by the lubricant - Helps avoid abrasive wear allowing parts to run more smoothly and last longer - As the white ceramic particles embed themselves on the chain they will displace grime, causing a grey or black film to form on top of the wax coating. Over 2-3 applications this will lessen or cease. This discoloration is normal and will not compromise performance.
Swix Quantum 5 Pole
- The Swix Quantum Five pole is designed with a focus on stiffness, impact strength and durability. - All poles in the Swix Quantum series poles feature newly redesigned carbon tubes based on leading composite technology. - This pole is an excellent choice for skiers that are looking for solid performance and are willing to accept a little extra weight for an almost unbreakable pole. - PCU cork handle is light and ergonomic. - Pro Fit 3D strap ensures good power transfer and comfort. - Large Swix 97 basket covers all trail conditions. - Swix TBS basket system allows you to change baskets quickly and easily. - Diameters: Handle 16 mm, basket 10 mm. Please Note: We can cut the poles and glue in the grips to your specified length or leave them uncut and unglued. A stick of glue is included with the poles. Please contact us if you are unsure on what length you need.
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Boot - Women's
- Featherweight women's racing skate boot with World Cup experience from Fischer. - Specifically designed for the anatomy of the female foot. - World Cup Carbon Cuff that provides perfect side to side stability and outstanding freedom of movement front to back. - Heel counter made of high-quality carbon fiber holds the World Cup Carbon Cuff and gives you an optimum heel fit and robust protection. - Ratchet Lock Buckle with fine, easy adjustment over the instep makes the foot even more secure and enables better power transfer. - Additional velcro outer fastener where the instep is. - Fischer's Speed Lock lacing system is light, minimal, and easy to use: simply pull the laces tight – that's it! - Practical entry loops and wide-opening designs guarantee that boots can be put on and taken off comfortably. - Lace covers for additional protection against the snow and wet conditions and to give you a comfortable warm feeling. - Specially sealed zipper system ensures that any moisture is kept out. - Special membrane ensures that conditions inside the boot are perfect: dry, warm and breathable. - Fischer's new Turnamic Race Skate Sole is made from lightweight Pebax® or Desmopan® and enables a lower stand height for more stability. - The sole is made from a hard inner material for better power transfer and a softer surface material for better grip on slippery surfaces. - Arch support for stability and extra torsional stiffness. - Cleat geometry without flex grooves for better power transfer. - Thermo Insole with fleecy top layer and aluminum-lined lower layer provides insulation to keep out the cold. - The Extended Fit System adds versatility by allowing one of the insoles to be removed to create more space.
Madshus Nano Carbon Skate Boot
- High performance skate boot from Madshus. - The stiff carbon composite cuff, heel counter, and lastboard gives the Nano Carbon Skate’s frame optimal rigidity. - The boot's stiffness transfers energy from each skate stride into gliding power and precise ski control more efficiently. - Reduced seams in the upper provide enhanced comfort. - MemBrain® softshell and hybrid constructions allow the boot to comfortably conform to the contours of the foot while providing durability, waterproof protection, breathability, and warmth.
Solda F70 Ski Wax
$45.00 $65.00 31% Off
- Super high performance glide wax from Solda. - Ideal for high humidity (50-100%). - Available in 35g deoderant style stick for easy application. Yellow: Above -7°C (19°F) Red: -15°C to 0°C (5°F to 32°F)
Pro-Ski 8.5mm Rollerski Ferrules
- Rollerski ferrules from Pro-Ski. - 8.5mm - Hard metal tip is durable and grips hard surfaces.
Alpina R Combi Jr Boot
- High quality junior combi boot from Alpina. - Cuff made with profiled surface to assure additional strength, better and stronger lateral support. - Upper zone embraces just above the ankle and gives more comfort and better leg support. - Single piece overboot made from waterproof elastic material to keep out the elements and ensure comfort. - The regulator enables adjustable foot retention. - The top of the heel cup can be modified, which results in an optimal fit of the shoe, greater comfort and functional grip of the foot. - An elastic adjustment provides maximum comfort and fit relation over the ankle. - Anatomically designed footbed composed of three different materials assures a perfect fit and even distribution of force. - Thinsulate insulation provides extra comfort and warmth on cold days and allows the foot to breathe more in humid conditions.
Swix HF-X High Fluor Wax
- Swix HF wax is a high fluor content racing wax. - Sold in 40g blocks. HF4 Green -12ºC to -32ºC (10ºF to -26ºF). A new cold wax with nano technology specially developed for dry friction conditions. The advantage of fluor in these temperatures is most present when the air humidity is high, meaning above 80%. Recommended iron temperature setting of 155ºC. HF5 Turquoise -8ºC to -14ºC (18ºF to 7ºF). New in the CH line, it fills a hardness gap between CH4 and CH6. Easier to apply than CH4, but provides outstanding glide properties within its temperature range, and has a great durability. The lower melting point compared to the 4 series makes it easier to work with, without sacrificing the good glide properties it has in cold conditions. Recommended iron temperature of 150ºC. HF6 Blue -5ºC to -10ºC (23ºF to 14ºF). It’s a very popular wax both in alpine and cross country and has shown good properties on artificial snow in addition to natural snow. Recommended iron temperature setting of 145ºC. HF7 Violet -2ºC to -8ºC (28ºF to 18ºF). A new and improved wax that performs great in normal winter conditions below the freezing point. Its hardness makes it convenient to work with and easy to get a good end-result. Recommended iron temperature setting of 140ºC. HF8 Red +4ºC to -4ºC (39ºF to 25ºF). Its softness and high fluoro content makes it perfect in conditions on both sides of the freezing point. Recommended iron temperature setting of 130ºC. HF10 Yellow +10ºC to 0ºC (50ºF to 32ºF). For very wet conditions. Can be used as a race wax alone, but is often used as a base for Cera F, such as FC10X and HVC Warm (FC80L). Recommended iron temperature setting of 120ºC.
Swix UniversalX Pant Women's
- Swix UniversalX pants are comfortable all around pants. - Elastic waistband and buttons for fastening. - Stretch back panel on back, thighs and knees. - Full length 2-way zip from waist down. - Fitted cut around knees for added mobility. - Wind and water resistant. - Fabric composition: 100% polyester.
START Oslo Racing Kick Wax
- Oslo Racing kick waxes are used by many racers on the World Cup circuit. - Designed for snow conditions commonly found in Norway. - Ideal for coarse grained and aggressive snow. - 45g stick. Purple -3°C to +2°C (27°F to 36°F) Blue -8°C to -2°C (18°F to 28°F) Green -15°C to -7°C (5°F to 19°F)
Swix XC Light Socks
- A thin cross-country sock developed for optimal power transfer from foot to boot. - Terry in heel and toe for added comfort and durability. - Air channels under and over foot for optimal ventilation. - Extra wide cuff reinforced with elastane for an awesome fit. - Also features Nanoglide® in the toe and heel to dramatically reduce the likelihood of blistering. - Made from fabrics engineered for maximum breathability and quick drying properties. - Fabric composition: 44% Merino wool, 20% Acrylic, 29% nylon, 5% Nanoglide, 2% Lycra
Swix XC Warm Socks
- A thicker cross-country sock developed for optimal power transfer from foot to boot. - Terry in the sole and shaft for warmth, added comfort, and durability. - Extra wide cuff reinforced with elastane for an awesome fit. - Also features Nanoglide® in the toe and heel to dramatically reduce the likelihood of blistering. - Made from fabrics engineered for maximum breathability and quick drying properties. - Fabric composition: 50% Merino wool, 21% Acrylic, 21% nylon, 5% Nanoglide, 2% Lycra.
Madshus Terrasonic Classic Intelligrip
- The Terrasonic delivers race-ready performance, now with the IntelliGrip® system. - New IntelliGrip® waxless base system in the kick zone for versatile cross-country performance in a wide range of conditions. - IntelliGrip® mohair-nylon blend gives the skin a progressive profile that mimics an actual wax pocket to greatly reduce drag. - The NIS (Nordic Integrated System) plates allow for the quick and easy removal of NNN bindings as well as the ability to make micro adjustments on the trail to dial in your performance. - 3D-shaped to maximize the feel of the ski, the PU-based foam core utilizes specific carbon and fiberglass reinforcements to guarantee flex consistency with excellent dampening properties. - P190 base is a race ready base that is versatile in a variety of conditions. - Speed Tip offers the perfect splay needed to elongate the ski’s pressure zone, ideal for colder snow conditions. - Sidecut: 44-42-44mm - Weight: 1100gr/190cm (pair)
Bjorn Daehlie Warmer Junior Glove
- Warm junior glove from Bjorn Daehlie. - Fully insulated with brushed inside for comfort. - Reinforcement in palm to provide durability and protect against chafing. - Knitted cuff for a secure fit and extra comfort. - Reflective logos for added visibility. - Wind proof construction. - Terry cloth nose wipe. - Available in black.
Swix Cross TBS Advanced Composite Pole
- The Cross TBS pole features low weight and high stiffness for superior performance in the tracks. - Comfortable PCU handle with corkfilled thermoplastics in the grip zone. - Includes Pro Fit 2 strap and large 97 basket. - Swix Triac interchangeable basket system allows you to change baskets in the field in seconds. - Diameters: Handle 16 mm, Basket 10 mm. - Recommended use: Groomed trails, classic skiing, skating and cruising.
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