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Bashrings & Bashplates

Echo Full Bashring
- The Echo full bashring as found on Echo complete bikes. - Constructed from high quality 7075 Aluminum for high strength. - Protects freewheel or front sprocket no matter what position the pedals are in. - Knobs around the edges give improved grip. - Machined holes around the center save weight. - Laser-etched logos and anodized finish for a clean look. - Designed to cover 18t freewheels and sprockets.
Echo 4-Bolt Bashplate
- Lightweight 4-bolt bashplate from Echo as found on their Mark 6 20" bikes. - Constructed from tough aluminum for good blend of durability and weight. - Compact 4-bolt design makes it lighter and less prone to bending than traditional 3-bolt designs, as well as putting less stress on the downtube. - Teeth on the outside of the plate provide grip on obstacles. - Machined cutouts keep weight to a minimum. - Supplied with titanium mounting bolts, nylon spacers, and shims. - Compatible only with Echo Mark 6 and newer 20" frames. - Anodized black finish.
Echo Half Bashring
- Competition style half bashring from Echo. - CNC'd from tough 7075 T6 aluminum for maximum strength. - Lightweight minimalist design covers half of the front cog or freewheel and can be setup for left or right foot forward riders. - Holes drilled in main body save weight. - Compatible with nearly all modern threaded trials cranks and is designed to cover 18t cogs or freewheels. - Anodized finish with laser-etched logos.
Echo Mini Bashplate
- Echo's Mini bashplate as found on their complete bikes. - Constructed from tough 6061 T6 heat-treated aluminum. - Shorter and more compact than previous versions, making it lighter and less prone to bending. - Holes drilled to reduce weight. - Directional teeth on the outside of the plate provide grip on obstacles. - Supplied with three bolts and nylon spacers and a chunk of polyurethane shock absorbing material. - Designed for 2012 and newer Echo frames, not compatible with pre-2012 frames.
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