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Structure Tools

Swix T403 Structure Rollers
$30.00 $50.00 40% Off
- Structure rollers from Swix for older T403 structure tools. - They do not have bearings on them like the T423. - Sold individually.
Swix T423 Structure Rollers
- Structure rollers from Swix for the T423 structure tool. - Bearings included. - Sold individually.
Toko Structurite Nordic Tool with Rollers
- Easy to use tool from Toko to structure the bases of nordic skis. - Ergonomically shaped structuring device provides good grip for smooth running. - Rollers can be quickly and easily changed out. - Includes Structurite form and all 3 Toko structure rollers (yellow, red, and blue) for a wide range of temperatures and snow conditions.
Swix Structure Tool w/4 Rollers
- High end structure tool from Swix. - Anodized aluminum body for long term use and great durability. - Consists of two imprint rollers running in the speed direction. - Includes 4 rollers to be inserted for selected structure combinations. - Comes in a solid plastic carrying case with foam inserts to hold the tool and rollers securely. - Included rollers are: CP10R - Right Cross Thread 1.0mm CP15L - Left Cross Thread 1.5mm 00-P - Smooth Blank L1005P - Linear Structure 1.0mm x .5mm depth
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