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Inspired Bikes

Premium street trials bikes and components

The Inspired Bicycles Story

In 2007, Dave Cleaver created Inspired Bicycles and set out to develop a new bike. He envisioned a model that would push the boundaries of street trials. This discipline lives at the intersection of progressive street-style BMX and traditional trials riding, and Inspired aimed to build a bike that combined the best of both.

In 2007 Inspired Bicycles released their first "street trials" bike, the Fourplay. It differed from previous trials bikes with its use of 24" wheels and newly developed geometry that was designed both for trials and street riding. The name was chosen as a nod to its playful nature and use of 24” wheels. 

Since the emerging street trials type of riding combined the fast, flowy riding of BMX with the slower, more static moves of trials, it made sense to split the difference between the traditional 20" and 26" trials wheel sizes. The 24" wheels allowed the bike to be fast rolling but still maneuverable. Boosted in popularity by rising Youtube star Danny MacAskill, the Fourplay soon took off and quickly became the benchmark model for street trials bikes.

Now a major player in the street trials bike discipline, Inspired Bicycles has expanded its lineup to include other models that span a broader range of styles for more types of riders.

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Best Inspired Bikes

No matter whether you're a seasoned rider or you're just starting out, the Inspired bikes line if full of insanely good models for every skill level so you can push your limits and ride your best. Here are some our customers' favorite street trials bike models.

Inspired Fourplay

The Inspired Fourplay line is the top tier of 24" wheel trials bikes. These bikes have serious pedigree and they're favorites of pros everywhere.

Inspired Hex

The Inspired Hex line is the ultimate 26" wheel trials bike and it's ready for anything.

Inspired Flow

The Inspired Flow line combines high quality components, excellent handling, and great value all wrapped up in a versatile 24" wheel platform.

Danny MacAskill with Inspired bike

What to expect from Inspired Bikes


Since then, Inspired has continued to push the boundaries of this awesome biking discipline. Their bikes come in 24” and 26” wheels, so however you ride, you can find something that’s light, super-tough, and up for whatever crazy ideas you’ve got in your head. With geometries and materials that are focused on agile handling and rock-solid stiffness, riding Inspired bikes and components are the best way to upgrade your skills.

Inspired trial bikes have been piloted by the most talented riders in the sport. If you’re looking for pro performance, you’ll love the models and components from this innovative brand. Whether you want to upgrade your wheelset or finally get a killer street trials bike for yourself, Inspired is the way to go.